4 Online Corporate Video Projects for Small Businesses

4 Online Corporate Video Projects for Small Businesses 

Corporate video projects are a growing trend for small business owners seeking to reach audiences online. Many small businesses are finding that they aren’t sure where to start with online corporate video production.

Therefore, we’ve put together a list of some of the most useful online corporate video concepts that will help your business grow and increase ROI for your brand.

Whether you’re new to online corporate video production or just looking for some new ideas to expand knowledge of your brand, consider these 4 online corporate video projects for your small business. 

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1. Corporate Marketing Videos 

Corporate marketing videos represent one of the most widely accepted types of online corporate video for small businesses. You have the power to create all different types of marketing videos for your small business.

Consider things like testimonials to improve trust in your brand and product explainer videos to help consumers better see how your products work. In addition to these online corporate video ideas, you could create corporate marketing videos that showcase events or specific recaps of your business to boost consumer awareness of your brand. 

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2. Corporate Advertising Videos 

Corporate advertising videos are shared on television, social media, and via display ads.

If you’re not already using paid media services to boost your business reach, consider an online corporate video that is shared on social media as this represents the lowest cost introduction to display advertising for your small business.

Create Facebook video ads, Twitter video, Instagram video ads, or Youtube Ads, and watch your business reach new heights. 

3. Human Resources Videos 

Human resources videos are a growing trend among many small business owners looking to expand their ability to train and teach their staff and crew.

Consider orientation videos that are hosted online to reduce the onboarding process or internal corporate training videos that help to boost staff knowledge and keep your crew on the same page.

These online corporate video projects can be hosted internally to allow ongoing, and permanent access to all staff members via your intranet or the internet — whichever works best for your brand. 

4. Corporate Operations Videos 

Online corporate video content that surrounds corporate operations can help you to train, delegate, and improve operations.

Safety videos, training videos, and internal FAQ videos represent several opportunities for small businesses to use this type of online corporate video to boost their ability to reach staff and crew with engaging content that they are more likely to remember.

Instead of handing out lengthy onboarding books and manuals, including your operations in digital video format. Need help creating online corporate video content for your small business? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call.

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