Benefits of Small Business Case Study Video Production

As a business owner, producing a small business case study video can have many powerful benefits for the brand including increased consumer trust, stronger connections, and higher conversions. In fact, case study videos can be used by small business owners for a variety of marketing initiatives in order to grow customer awareness, build social proof, and generate revenue for the business like no other form of content marketing have the ability to do. 

At Beverly Boy Productions we are frequently asked about the benefits of small business case study video production and what it can mean for business owners. Generally, we explain to our clients that case study videos have the ability to substantially increase client trust and to result in significant revenue growth for the brand. If you’re considering the use of case study video content in your marketing initiatives, give our team a call! With more than two decades of experience, we can’t wait to help you!

Video Case Studies Build Consumer Trust

Whether you’re a new business that’s offering products or services to clients that have little knowledge or understanding of your brand or you’re a small business owner that’s been around for a while, video case studies are a great way to build consumer trust in your brand. The use of a small business case study video to build trust can have several key benefits for your business. 

Not only will customers be more likely to believe what other customers have to say about your brand over what you say, a case study that showcases that actual real world benefit that a customer had as a result of your business can be a great way to change a prospect’s view of your brand.

In fact, a small business case study video will also build credibility for your business. When prospective customers find your business credible, they find it trustworthy. When customers trust your brand, they convert!

Video Case Studies Proves that Your Brand is Liked

Sometimes, all you need is to overcome the whole “first sale” issue. When a new business is formed, there’s a common issue in which customers don’t want to be the “first.” Nobody wants to be the first to try something new. They don’t want to be the first to find out what it’s like to work with your business or what it’s like to be the first to deal with your customer service. Many times, people have fear of being the first or those who buy in “early.”

A video case study proves that your brand is already liked by other customers and consumers that are just like those you’re trying to reach. Since case studies show that others love your brand and they can show off the real world use cases behind the purchases that have been made, which proves that your brand is attractive. This is important because it can help others to feel comfortable with their own decision to purchase your products or services.

Video Case Studies Persuade Prospects

Sometimes, a prospective customer just needs a little extra persuasion in order to convert. Whether they’ve been considering your brand for a while but they’re just feeling a little unsure, or they’re still shopping around – a video that persuades is a video that provides key benefits for your business and your brand!

A small business case study video can be incredibly persuasive. Viewers are more likely to purchase when they see and hear about the ways that your products or services solve real world problems that customers that your prospects can relate to have had personally. That’s why as many as 87% of consumers state that they have purchased from a brand after they see a video providing key information on the benefits of the brand.

Video Case Studies are Emotionally Connecting

You need to build a strong relationship with your prospective customers in order to get them to convert for your small business. With a small business case study video, you can build that emotional connection that is necessary in order to drive the conversions that your brand is looking for. In fact, if you create case study videos that highlight customers that your prospects can relate to, that have problems your prospects relate to and that appear to have backgrounds or stories that your prospects can relate to, you’ll create a strong connection that’s going to be incredibly valuable to your brand.

By creating small business case study video content that your prospects can resonate with and focusing on customers that they can relate with, they’ll empathize with the customer and be more likely to connect and convert with your brand.

As you can see, there are many benefits of small business case study video production. In fact, these benefits have barely even touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of the value that can be generated for your business with a single case study video that is directly focused on the customers or clients that are most targeted to your business or brand. To learn more about producing a small business case study video, give Beverly Boy Productions a call!

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