How to Use Storytelling in a Brand Pitch Video to Win Investor Support  

The use of storytelling in a brand pitch video will help you to connect with investors and win over their support. Learning how to incorporate memorable storytelling into your brand pitch video to gain the investment support of your target audience is something that brands simply cannot afford to overlook. 

Not only does the inclusion of storytelling in a brand pitch video improve the personal connections that can be made between the brand and investors, stories improve audience retention, and take investors in a journey in which they feel a distinct emotional connection to the character making them more likely to be invested in the success of the character in the story.

Perhaps, this is why stories have been used for hundreds of years to hammer home important facts and to help audiences recall the data that they learn? Regardless of why storytelling is so common, learning how to use storytelling in a brand pitch video can help you take your idea from consideration to conversion.

Step 1:  Create a Character that Investors can Relate With

The story that you utilize to deliver your brand pitch must have a character that is relatable to investors. The more your character is relatable to investors, the more likely they will be to get emotionally attached and invested in their success. This is also key because investors that feel attached to your character will feel attached to your brand.

When you’re planning your character, make sure that it is both relatable and likeable. You could use a character that is actually a real customer that you’ve had in the past for which your brand has solved a unique problem or you could make the character up – but whether hypothetical or real life, your character has to be someone that your investor will find to be relative to understand.

As with any story, the characters are everything! Therefore, we recommend you take your time and very carefully plan the character that your story will be about.

Step 2:  Use Storytelling to Bring Investors Along with You on a Journey

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The next step is to focus on how you can utilize storytelling and your character to bring your investors on a journey in which they learn about your character, see the problem the character is suffering from, understand the tension created by this particular problem, and the solution provided by your brand. This is what your brand pitch video is all about!

Make sure that you structure your story so that it initiates a world that is relative to the investors and introduces your character who suffers from a relatable problem. Next, paint the picture of who your character is, what problems he faces, and what life is like as a result. This is building up to the solution which will also be painted for your investor.

Allow your visuals to show the investor how your brand provides a unique solution that is relative and important to the character. You might even jump to a conclusion of how your character feels when their problem is solved by your brand.

Step 3:  Make the Connection to Your Team

The next step is to make sure that there is a connection between your solution and your team because they are the ones that are most suited to provide such a solution. Show how our team is credible, skilled, and understanding of the problems your character struggled with which is why they are also so helpful in solving the problem.

Step 4: Address Investor Concerns

Your brand pitch video must address the concerns of your investor above all. This means, you’ve got to find a way to incorporate key details about your brand into your story so that investors will get the following data:

  • What the key problem is that your brand solves and who the target audience is.
  • How your target audience will benefit from the solution your brand provides.
  • What your product or service production rate is and how you intend to scale.
  • What your target sales goals are and how you intend to achieve them.
  • How your investor can recuperate any investment they make into your brand, and when?

Overall, the investor wants to know what’s in it for them. This means that even though you’re learning how to use storytelling in a brand pitch video, at some point your story must also touch on answering this very important question for your investor – otherwise you won’t win over their support.

Step 5:  Hire a Professional Film Crew to Produce Your Brand Pitch Video

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The final step in effectively learning how to use storytelling in a brand pitch video to win the support of an investor is to hire a professional film crew. Working closely with a professional crew, like Beverly Boy Productions, is going to provide you with the unique level of professional insight and quality required to pitch your brand to investors with expertise and excellent care. A professional film crew can assist with everything from writing your story or script to finding ways to connect with your investor and everything in between.  

To learn more about producing a story as part of your brand pitch video to win investor support, give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We can’t wait to put our two decades of expertise to work for your brand!

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