What is Allegory in Film?

What is Allegory in Film? Allegory in film represents symbolism that creates deeper meaning behind a story that is told. Unlike metaphors, which build a one-to-one relationship between a symbol and intended messaging, allegory seeks to create a symbolism that is hidden and which causes the audience to think on a significantly deeper level. Allegory […]

What is Irony in Films?

What is Irony in Films? Irony is frequently encountered in our day to day interactions with the stories we engage in and the communications that occur among our lives. In fact, we encounter irony in movies, television shows, and in our own everyday interactions with family, friends, and coworkers. Irony is a technique that is […]

What is the Role of the Antagonist in Film?

What is the Role of the Antagonist in Film?  The various roles of characters in storytelling and film have key features and representations. For example, the role of the antagonist in film is unique in that it acts as the opposing character to the protagonist and works to deflect the protagonist from reaching his or […]

What Are Allegorical Films?

Allegories are used in filmmaking for a variety of purposes and represent a key element of storytelling in which hidden meaning is created without outright stating the meaning. This form of symbolism in which something is conveyed to the audience through a sort of hidden guise has been used in literature, art and film with great success […]

What is Meant by Personification in Film?

What is Meant by Personification in Film? Personification is a literary device that is frequently used in storytelling to create lifelike connections to otherwise lifeless objects. In film, personification has been used for a variety of different purposes and intents and this storytelling device is equally popular in various forms of literature, too. To help […]