How to Use Video for B2B Marketing to Attract More Leads

How to Use Video for B2B Marketing to Attract More Leads In the past five years video has caught on like wildfire, gaining popularity in every stage and sector of B2B marketing and sales just as it has in other industries. With the expectation that video will continue to take off, and that consumers will […]

How to Show Sales Attribution with Marketing Videos

How to Show Sales Attribution with Marketing Videos “How much profit did we generate from that video?”  “Was that video actually worth the $5K investment?” “How much should we put into video marketing for the next year?” Fielding questions like these from the key stakeholders in your business can be tough for any marketer, particularly […]

How to Dominate Your Niche with Video Marketing

How to Dominate Your Niche with Video Marketing As a small business owner that’s interested in making a large stance in your niche, video marketing is probably the most impactful opportunity available to you. But learning how to dominate your niche with video marketing can take a bit of time, as there’s a particular learning […]

What is Subject Position Theory in Film?

The concept of subject position theory in film argues that through the study and application of ideas that are evident from positioning theory we can formulate an explanation as to the interactions made between subjects, particularly as they have positioned themselves within the discourse of conversations and as participants in story lines. By understanding the concept of […]

What are the Characteristics of Transnational Cinema?

What are the Characteristics of Transnational Cinema_

The idea of transnational cinema represents films which extend beyond national boundaries transcending into a world in which they represent more than one national, community, or cultural tradition. These films frequently allude to the idea that people are linked through various institutions across nations despite the national boundaries that exist to otherwise separate. But what […]

Understanding Cognitive Film Theory

Understanding Cognitive Film Theory There are a number of studies and film theories that seek to create a means by which we can understand how people perceive or otherwise understand film as an art. Studying the individual ways in which a film can be interpreted represents a key element of film theories which have evolved […]

Understanding Italian Neo-Realism in Film

Understanding Italian Neo-Realism in Film  The push in Italy toward coming out of a time of oppression and silence would bring about a new means of film study which would be come to be known as Italian Neo-realism. In Italian, neo-realism in film meant new realism and it represented a turn in which filmmaking and […]

What is the Apparatus Theory in Film?


Throughout the 1960s a number of psychoanalytical theories began to arise out of which film and cinema studies would heavily focus on. Later, in the 1970s, the Apparatus theory in film became the dominant method of film analysis. You’re probably wondering, “What is apparatus theory in film?” and more importantly, what does it mean? WHAT […]

What is Suture Film Theory?

What is Suture Film Theory_

When studying film, various theories represent the psychological concept by which a film is to be examined with focus on how films are experienced by the audience on an emotional, mental and fully psychoanalytical level. According to psychoanalytic film theory, suture represents a metaphor for stitching a viewer into the narrative acting as a psychoanalytic junction […]

What’s The Effect of Apparatus Theory on Films Today?

What’s The Effect of Apparatus Theory on Films Today? According to apparatus theory film viewing generates a relationship between films and film viewers but in light of adjustments to the apparatus in which films are viewed, particularly the introduction of DVD and now digital viewing, it would appear that apparatus theory is rather different as […]