How to Shoot for the Edit

How to Shoot for the Edit Learning how to shoot for the editing is a technique that will help even a beginning cinematographer to create shots and scenes that can truly amaze an audience one they’ve made their way through post production. As a professional cinematographer, you’re going to have many instances in which it […]

What is Postmodernism in Film?

What is Postmodernism in Film

Postmodernism is a term that you might have heard before, but it’s likely that you heard it used in a manner that was potentially inconsistent or otherwise unnatural. Whenever the term postmodernism in film is used, it’s typically done so in such a way that it basically subverts mainstream conventions of narrative structure in exchange […]

What is Sequence Analysis in Film?

What is Sequence Analysis in Film? In film studies, sequence analysis is frequently encouraged as a means of analyzing a particular film element or production to help the student better understand particular elements of the filmmaking process, but what is sequence analysis in film and what does it mean?  What is Sequence Analysis in Film? […]