Medical Device Video Production Practices in a COVID Era

Medical Device Video Production Practices in a COVID Era

Medical device manufacturing is a 43.5B dollar industry in the United States and a 425.5B Global industry making up a large share of the medical manufacturing market. While medical devices are made up of everything from tongue depressors to bedpans, many are far more complex such as programmable pacemakers and even artificial life systems such as the closed loop artificial pancreas systems. Many medical devices are complex machines that are extremely difficult to explain face-to-face, and a COVID-era has nearly eliminated the desire for face-to-face explanations of medical devices. 

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So how do healthcare teams explain medical devices to their patients? How will sales teams explain these devices to potential healthcare providers that could use them? Medical device video production represents a key element in this industry, ideal for paving the way to clear, concise medical device explanations and demonstrations without the need for face-to-face interactions or personal contact between the device manufacturer and those who can benefit most from these products. 

Medical Device Video Production Options

Medical device video production generally includes explainer videos, demonstration videos, and the occasional case study or use case video. The most common of these is the explainer video. Medical device explainer videos allow even the most complex details of the device to be simplified into easy to understand animations and fact scenarios that walk viewers through the various processes or topics relative to the device.

Although many medical devices are highly complex machines and it’s easy to see how a medical explainer video could work for this style of device, what about those less complex medical devices? Things like tongue depressors and bedpans? Explainer videos may not be as widely accepted for these types of medical devices but the use of medical device video production opportunities do come into play here. For example, case study videos and health and safety demonstration videos that represent these products can be beneficial to marketing and sales teams, as well as to individual providers who may need to find ways to help newly prescribed patients better understand how they can utilize the medical devices and equipment that have been presented to them.

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How-to videos are also ideal medical device video production projects for healthcare workers. Crafting how-to videos that represent the proper ways for patients to use each medical device are also beneficial in the COVID-19 era. As healthcare workers, sales teams, and marketing professionals, as well as clients or patients, all seek ways to reduce face-to-face contact and minimize social interactions, medical device video production projects are on the rise — and for good cause. The more healthcare teams can explain medical devices and help patients learn how to use and benefit from them without risking the health of others, the better.

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Need help getting your medical device manufacturing business recognized? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today and we’ll help you get started with medical device video production projects that will minimize your risk of COVID while you build a library of medical device videos that your audience will love.

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