How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Arlington Video Production Company?

Are you asking yourself How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Arlington Video Production Company? Well, hiring professional video production services in Arlington ensures your business acquires remarkably effective consumer outreach avenues for generating considerable local and online customer acquisition, alongside optimizing your in-house staff training program. Because 68% of consumers prefer to watch an informative short video before buying a product/service, your brand promotion and video marketing needs to not only capture and retain customer interest but also provide sufficient value-centric information.

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Luckily, Beverly Boy Productions offers you high quality, cheap, inexpensive or affordable video production in Arlington via customized and branded marketing, promotional, employee training, and testimonial videos. Our professionally-made videos are ideal for use in different industries operating in Arlington including, dental health, fitness-and-health, construction, senior care, advertising, golfing, real estate, and many others. By choosing Beverly Boy top-quality Arlington video production company, you get engaging promotional, convincing marketing, effective training, and compelling interview videos featuring perfectly customized video content for your brand. 

Far exceeding the capabilities of all other Arlington video companies, video experts at Beverly Boy Productions utilize the best industry-rated video production methods and consumer-focused visual-audio optimization to grant you impeccable brand-specific social media videos for social media page product/service advertising; live stream videos for promotion/marketing on mainstream video-sharing sites; high-definition promotion videos for use on your product/service blog and e-commerce site, and lots more. We also service neighboring cities like Fort Worth, Dallas, Garland, Austin, and Plano.

Arlington Video Production Rates

When estimating how much money you require to hire a video production company in Arlington, you need to consider two cost-determining factors. Your first consideration is the scope of your brand-specific marketing, promotion, training and interview video whereby your video project scope outlines the specific video production services you require, i.e., shooting, scriptwriting, storyboard/animatics, voiceovers, editing/design, and audio balancing.  In essence, the greater the number of professional video production services used, the higher the cost of making your video. Your second consideration is the length or duration of your professionally-produced video whereby video duration is directly proportional to cost. For example, you pay 5 times the price of a 60-second video when you hire professional video production services for a 5-minute video.

Since each service feature unique time, personnel, and resource demands, Arlington video production rates vary based on the type and number of services required for your brand-specific marketing, promotion, training, and interview video project. For example, you may require corporate explainer videos that elaborately showcase and convincingly highlight notable features of your product/service offerings to prospective customers. Your video needs may also encompass customer or employee testimonials that compellingly depict your customer-centered services and products.

In the above scenario, video production for both explainer videos and video testimonials essentially identical as each of your videos utilize the same video production services, e.g., scriptwriting, shooting, audio balancing, video editing, and voiceovers. However, producing corporate explainer videos entails more work in terms of showcasing several flagship products/services compared to showcasing a few testimonial interview videos. As a result, video production rates in Arlington for product/service explainer videos are significantly higher than rates for customer/employee video testimonials. We also serve nearby counties like Kennedale, Mansfield, Dalworthington, and Fort Worth.

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Arlington Video Production Costs

Your overall video production cost from hiring a professional video production company sums up the hourly rates of the various services used to produce your promotional, marketing, interview and training videos. Consequently, Beverly Boy Productions offers you the option of paying for our first-rate video production services based on cumulative per-hour prices or fixed half day and full day rates. In this regard, we ease budgeting for your video by providing you with comprehensive service-specific production prices on our website. Alternatively, you can call us on 888-462-7808 to receive Beverly Boy Productions free quotes on captivating promotional, compelling marketing, informative training, and convincing interview videos.

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Arlington Production company Pricing Sheet:

At Beverly Boy Productions, we charge the following hourly rates for the wide array of professional video production services we offer Arlington businesses.

   • Cameramen: $26/hour to $410/hour
   • Equipment: $26/hour to $110/hour
   • Video Director: $27/hour to $260/hour
   • Studio Shooting: $110/hour to $410/hour
   • Video Editor: $65/hour to $185/hour
   • Actors/Presenters: $55/hour to $5200/hour
   • Script Writer/Marketer: $65/hour to $160/hour
   • Narrators/Voiceovers: $110 to $400
   • B-Roll: 10% to 50% addition to shooting costs
   • Audio Files: $35 to $1,010
   • Video Rendering: $35/hour to $85/hour
   • Miscellaneous Fees’: $105 to $1010

Hiring the Right Arlington Video Company

Still having a hard time estimating How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Arlington Video Production Company? If this is the case, a safe price range estimate for hiring the right video company to produce a customized branded video lies between $1000 to $5000. Note that this price approximation applies irrespective of whether you desire an expert marketing, promotion, training or testimonial video. Furthermore, it is advisable to prioritize items in your budget based on their necessity in achieving the desired final product. For example, the four-item list below shows goal-based prioritization of essential video production services for a general video project.


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  1. Goal: To ensure attention-grabbing visual content in your videos, i.e., stunning camera perspectives, spectacular images of product/service offerings, etc.

      Resulting Service-specific Expense: $26 to $410 hourly rate for hiring a multi-skilled camera crew

      2. Goal: To make sure your videos feature HD quality visual content and pristinely-clear audio

      Resulting Service-specific Expense: $26 to $110 hourly rate to lease state-of-the-art camera and audio                      equipment

     3. Goal: To realize resource and time savings from efficient and seamless allocation-coordination of cameramen,          equipment, actors, video sets, etc.

      Related Service-specific Expense: $27 to $260 hourly rate for hiring a video director

    4. Goal: To ensure your videos feature relevant, relatable, engaging and compelling viewer-centric marketing,               promotional, training and interview plots.

      Related Service-specific Expense: $65 to $160 hourly rate for hiring an experienced script writer/marketer.

While the example above is useful, you may still have a problem with finding the right balance between the cost and your video needs. Thankfully, professional video production companies like Beverly Boy Productions provide you with professional video budgeting guidance, alongside ensuring step-by-step collaboration on video projects, i.e., pre-production, production, and post-production. We also service 20350, 22201, 20330, 22209, and 20301.

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