6 Benefits of Film Production Internships for Aspiring Directors

Film production internships are often behind the entrance into major careers for many TV and film professionals. In fact, directors often state that their early days were spent at an internship or in a similar role prior to moving into a more permanent spot on the film set. If you’re an aspiring director, landing a film production internship may be exactly what it takes for you to launch yourself into the career of your dreams. Follow along as we outline some of the top benefits of film production internships for aspiring directors.

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1. On the Job Training

Some think that film production internships are like “paying your dues” and dealing with working on meaningless work for countless hours in order to one day have suffered enough to land that dream job.

However, internships should not be about punishing the intern, making him or her feel inadequate, or treating people in a way that is in no way helpful or conducive to learning the job. In fact, film production internships should actually be more like “on the job training.”

This is one of the greatest benefits of an internship. You get to learn how to perform many of the roles and responsibilities of a director, in a director’s shoes. This on the job training is excellent in preparing directors for work on set when they take over in their careers.

2. School Credit

Many internships qualify as school credit. In fact, unpaid film production internships as well as paid production internships can both be used as school credit in various situations. Additionally, many later positions that require experience working on set will accept that you worked as an intern and allow you to use that as proof of experience in the field.

3. Career Path Exploration

You think you want to be a film director, but are you absolutely sure? Sometimes we have a dream of working in a particular career but later find that we aren’t totally in love with the work that we do on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, career changes that come as a result of figuring out you don’t want to be something after several years or schooling to become “that person,” can be costly. Instead, consider a film production internship.

Film production internships can help you to see the working parts of being a director long before you have completed countless years of schooling If you love directing still, even after you take on an internship and work in the field for a while, then you know it’s the career path for you. However, if you don’t like what you see, now is a great time to make a change!

4. Transition from Intern to Paid Director

Not always, but many film production interns can transfer directly from an unpaid intern to a paid director on the job. Transitioning into a paid position on the film set is one of the greatest benefits of working at an internship.

Just make sure you don’t accept an internship with the expectation that it will translate into a paid career within the company as this is only the case when such opportunities are mentioned when signing your internship paperwork.

5. Advantage Over Other Students

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If you’re a student getting ready to graduate film school and begin looking for a role with a film company, your time spent at an internship can make you stand out against other students. You’ll have the advantage of more hands on experience to go along with your education which, in many cases, is hard to miss!

Anytime you can take up a film production internship prior to your graduation, you should consider doing so in order to improve your chances of being hired later on.

6. Improved Confidence in Your Career

Finally, a benefit that you take with you everywhere you go and that can never be taken from you, confidence! By taking part in a film production internship you are placing yourself in situations that lead to increased confidence in yourself and your ability to perform in your career.

The improved confidence you gain can be used to help you land a role as director, to stand out on the set when working with your team and to keep you at the top of your network throughout your time as a director on set.

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