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Should I Go to Film School?

Has the thought “should I go to film school” been on your mind? Many factors go into choosing whether to go to film school or not. Even after you decide whether to go or not, you have to choose where to go and when. We’re helping you decide whether you should go to film school or not and show you some other options to consider.   

Is Film School Locally Available?

The first step to deciding whether to attend film school is to determine whether a school is even available in your area. If there aren’t any local film schools, and you don’t intend to move away, then you probably need to consider other options instead of film school.

However, many areas have top film schools located nearby. Community colleges, universities, and private film school programs are available throughout most major cities. If you live in a small town, you may want to consider going to a major city film school where the cost will be more affordable and the resources more abundant for your career.

Are Professors the Only Education Option?

The next step in determining if you should go to film school is to take a look at the educational options available to you. Professors are available at most major colleges and film schools to help you learn, but they are not the only option available to teach you about film. Many choose to take on a career in film, such as working as a production assistant, so that they can learn the ropes and avoid attending actual school.

If you consider a close studio or film set near you that you could work on to get a grasp on the industry, you may be able to avoid school. However, it could take substantially longer to work your way up the ladder without an education, so be prepared for long hours.

Private Projects

Many are able to avoid film school by taking an active part in private film projects with other filmmakers that allow them to learn without being actively enrolled in school. If you are the type that learns well on your own, you can find many books and websites that will help you to learn the art of production without attending a class.

Consider your role in private film projects to learn all you can. Then, take time to network with others in the field so that you can continue to work around those who have a career in film. You will continue to learn as you grow. You still may choose film school in the end, but at least you will have a stronger working idea of what classes you should take and why.

Why Choose Film School

Film school provides a devoted timeline that is set to learning about film and video production. For some, this is essential to the proper path of education. If you’re considering film school at a college or some other location, be sure that you take the appropriate steps to ensure that the resources you pay for are conducive to your future career.

Film school can help you achieve success in a career on the set more quickly. On the other hand, it can be costly and out of reach for some. Your decision to go or not to go to film school is ultimately dependent on a variety of factors that only you can determine.