5 Ways Post Production Companies Can Help You Repurpose Your Video Content

5 Ways Post Production Companies Can Help You Repurpose Your Video Content

As a business owner, you’re always on the lookout for ways that you can utilize each of your business expenditures to the absolute fullest capacity to get the most out of the money that you spend, and in marketing, the creation of compelling and relevant content is always a major expense. Business owners often overlook the role that post production companies can play in repurposing video content to maximize the expenditure. Here’s how you can get the most out of your content, increase the lifespan, and utilize the footage created for your brand.

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1  Short Form Videos

Short form video content is all the rage. It’s what captures audience attention and keeps them engaged, primarily on social media. Post production companies can help you repurpose your video content into short form videos that can be shared on you social media profiles to boost engagement. It’s a quick and easy way of generating greater reach for your brand.

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2  Transcribed Content

Videos that are transcribed into written pieces represent a unique opportunity to get greater indexing for your website in Google. It doesn’t make sense to transcribe all of your videos, and post production companies are not necessarily your go-to for video transcription, but transcribing your how-to videos and interviews with industry leaders may give way to Q&A style content for your blog.

3  Audio Podcast

Post production companies will likely carry the tools and resources needed to help you transform your video content into an audio podcast feature. Separating the video from the audio isn’t too difficult, especially for a post production company with the appropriate tools and equipment. Consumers can then listen to your podcast even if they have no access to watch a video.

4  New, Improved Footage

Post production companies will work with you to capture new footage and incorporate it in with your old footage to create new content for your brand. If you’ve got old videos that include references to employees that are no longer with you or you have outdated quotes in your content, post production can help you incorporate updated content for improved footage.  Got a new CEO? Replace your previou footage from the prior CEO with details from the new CEO. Footage appears outdated? Replace it with new, updated footage, motion graphics, and other unique additions that can come from the help of a post production company.

5  Combine Clips for a Long Video

Videographer Prepping Camera Gear 157

Filming a Testimonial on a FS7

Have multiple Q&A video sections, or several video clips that you recorded some time ago? Post production companies can provide video editing services that will combine the various clips for you into one major video that you can share with your audience. Incorporate branded graphics for an upbeat, improved layout that your audience will love!

Wondering how post production companies can help you start repurposing your video content? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call! We can’t wait to get started with your past videos and improving your newest content.

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