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5 Types of Short Form Video Content for Your Brand

Short form video content represents a unique new wave of shortened videos that are generally 3 minutes or less in length and used mostly on social media platforms. It’s short enough to hold the viewer’s attention (even those who have a very short attention span) and yet, long enough to get your point across to the viewing audience. Short form videos are usually less than 3 minutes. In fact, the average short form video ranges from 15 seconds to 2 minutes in length. These are the 5 types of short form video content we believe your brand would benefit most from.

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1  “How-To” Videos

Showcase your products, services, or tools that represent your brand with a short-form video. Short form how-to videos that are two minutes or less can be used to bring consumers closer to a purchase decision. They are also ideal for use in the marketing mix to help consumers better understand your products or services. Those who may be on the fence as to whether they should purchase or not may get the details they need from a short form how to video.

2  Behind the Scenes Videos

Showcasing your team in action, what they do and how they make your business work, is a great way to share your business with the world and add a human element to your brand. Behind the scenes videos that are shared in short-form represent a unique way for your company to show how your brand operates. Do your employees have a particularly viable corporate culture? Share the behind the scenes look so that others can connect with your brand on a more personal level.

3  Customer Testimonials

Short form video testimonials showcase happy clients or customers to the world. Testimonials are always valuable for a brand. Short form testimonial videos can be shared on social media, your website, your blog and via email newsletters or marketing materials. Customer testimonials boost trust in your brand and add value that no other form of content can so easily do.

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4  Corporate Milestones 

Did your business do exceptionally well with a recent milestone or achieve gratitude from a c-level executive? Sharing corporate milestones in short form video form can be a great way to help consumers feel more confident in your business. This kind of content is also ideal for building investor relations. Boost trust, build confidence, and bring others on board with the milestones you’re aiming to achieve — all with short form video content.

5  Event Teasers

Have an upcoming event? Market it with short form video content that showcases past events or special features of your business or brand. These types of short form video content are great for engaging your audience and getting them interested in learning more about your business or brand. Teaser videos can also be created for upcoming product or service releases as well as for tools that your brand promotes. Tease the audience and encourage them to seek additional data and info from you.

Ready to get started with short form video content? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call! We can’t wait to put our skills to work in producing short form video content for your business.