How to Turn Your Podcast into a Video Podcast

How to Turn Your Podcast into a Video Podcast

Turning podcasts into video podcasts requires a bit of added preparation and of course knowledge of video production that may or may not already be present in your business. Traditional podcasts don’t include video, but trends are shifting and more listeners are finding interest in a visual accompaniment to the podcasts they already enjoy. We’re showing you how to turn your podcast into a video podcast in a few quick steps.

Choose Audio vs. Video Podcast Styles

There are several different approaches to podcasting. Video podcasts will likely vary based largely on the audience, how you wish to present yourself, and the vital information you will include in the production. Video should be relevant while offering helpful content that cannot otherwise be shared via audio.

Consider any of the following options to create a video podcast out of your existing podcast:

  • PowerPoint Video – an ideal option for the traditional podcaster, PowerPoint video offers a simple approach to creating the best video podcasts without making serious changes to your existing production workflow or backlog of recorded material. Much like a presentation, you’ll create slides that go along with your speech to produce visual elements that illustrate what you’re already saying.
  • Livestream Video Another option to quickly adapt a traditional podcast into a video podcast is to use livestream video. This involves setting up a camera to capture livestream video as you record the audio portion of the podcast. Livestream the finished podcast on Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch or upload the video for your viewers (and listeners) to enjoy later on.
  • Vlog Video – Popularized by YouTubers, the vlog style video involves production and editing to ensure multiple shots are appropriately spliced together to produce a high-production, high-quality, finished project. These types of video podcasts are generally more lucrative as they attract a wider audience.

Gather Video Podcast Equipment

As you gather your video podcast equipment, consider each of the following necessity items that will make your production more successful:

  • Audio recording machines/microphones
  • A smartphone, laptop, action camera or digital camera to record video.
  • Lighting


You probably already know a bit about the audio recording if you’ve been recording a podcast for a while already, but the video and lighting are new to this style of podcast production. Video will greatly depend on budget and your desired output. Digital video is, of course, best. Similarly, lighting will depend largely on the budget too.

Purchase Video Podcast Editing Software

The steps you take to edit the video podcast will be slightly different than those used to edit audio. With both audio and video to work with, layering will be necessary to render the best production. A quality podcast editing software can help you get the most out of both while offering a slightly simplified editing process.

Regardless, prepare for editing to take approximately 10 times longer than filming or recording took. Begin with short podcasts to get a feel for the skills and time that is required to edit video before you decide to dive into a project that is too extensive and potentially overwhelming.

Your video podcast setup will ultimately help you to produce quality podcasts that can be enjoyed by both listeners and viewers alike. Follow these steps on how to turn your podcast into a video podcast and prepare to watch your project grow right before your eyes.

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