5 Tips to Find a Corporate Video Vendor

Producing corporate videos can be an overwhelming task for the average professional unless they have the tips and tools to succeed. When you’re in charge of securing and producing your company’s video content, the success of the business and the marketing efforts lies on you. You want to do well! Corporate video vendors can help you produce even complicated videos with ease. Follow these tips to find a corporate video vendor to help you out.

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1  A Means to an End

Before you even consider the beginning of a corporate video project you need to be thinking about the end result. Every corporate video vendor that you consider should have a portfolio for you to review that shows their skills and capabilities. You’re looking for vendors that will have skills relative to the content that you wish to create. Make sure that you choose a corporate video production company that has the past skills for the end project you’re looking to build.

2  Budget Range

You’ll likely have a budget already determined before you even look to vend with a corporate production crew. Once you have a budget in mind, you’ll want to make sure that the corporate video vendor that you are considering hiring can stay within that budget for you. It’s no use working with a vendor if they cannot possibly stay within your budget range. Talk about what you can spend for the total project and discuss expectations. Staying in budget will be key to your feeling successful with the project.

3  Details

It’s all in the details! You’ll want to talk with each corporate video vendor about the specifics of your project. Tiny details are important both to your team and to theirs. As you determine whether you want to hire a specific vendor, consider whether they can answer your questions specific to work patterns, processes, and goals as well as detailed expectations. You don’t want to find yourself working with a crew that you think will produce your dream video only to find that the expectations and details are completely misunderstood.

4  Customer Service

You’re the customer, Make sure that the service you get is going to be exceptional. Don’t settle for less. As you talk with corporate video vendors about your project details, get a feel for the customer service that they provide. Is it what you would expect from someone that you’re paying to provide a service for you? If not, consider another vendor.

5  Referrals

Finally, beyond everything else, you ended to make sure that the corporate video vendor that you consider has past referral sources that you can speak to. You’ll want to ask them if they would hire the vendor again. If you get negative reviews from referral sources or the vendor does not have referral sources, that would be a big red flag. 

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