5 Tips for Budget Friendly Promotional Video Creation

5 Tips for Budget Friendly Promotional Video Creation

Do you wish you had promotional video content to share with prospective buyers but feel like it is probably out of budget at this time? If you’re concerned about the costs of promotional videos but really want to have them, we’ve got the solution. These 5 tips for budget friendly promotional video creation will help you kick of your campaign strategy without draining the bank.

  1. Save on Talent

There are several areas of production that you can save money on, and several that you really shouldn’t cut corners on. Talent is one place where you can save without risking everything. As you consider talent for your promotional video, think about the most confident employee or friend of yours, or consider film talent amateurs that will work for low cost as they are just getting started in the industry. Better yet, skip the costs and tell your story yourself!

  1. Save on Location

Location costs can add up quickly if you have to pay for permits and use of the facilities. However, you can save a lot by using your own space to film. If you don’t have room inside, consider an external area on your business property for the production to save money on the creation of the promotional video.

  1. Save on Crew

You can’t cut corners on all the crew, but you can save on certain members. A promotional video doesn’t need a lot of crew members. Consider hiring a video production company like Beverly Boy Productions that will bring the necessary crew with them so that you can avoid third party fees. If you absolutely can’t afford crew, freelancers may do the trick on a low budget, but be weary, as the success of your project is highly dependent on the skills of the production crew.

  1. Don’t Skimp on Equipment

You can’t use terrible equipment to make a masterpiece. While there are some equipment items that you can save on, be sure to budget in for equipment that will result in top-notch footage for your promotional video. Shop around for equipment rental or consider a production company that can bring the appropriate equipment with them.

  1. Budget for Post-Production

Post production services are a must. Regardless of your budget, it is vital that you include professional editing to ensure your video promotional content is successful. To save on post production, consider taking steps during the shoot to reduce editing needs later on. This is especially true when it comes to ensuring the film location is quiet and that you won’t need voiceovers and other post production effects to make up for poor quality audio with your footage.

Follow these 5 tips for budget friendly promotional video creation that will help you sell more of your product or service. To learn about the promotional video creation services at Beverly Boy Productions, give us a call today!

Here’s a 30 second promotional video produced by Beverly Boy Productions:

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