5 Reasons to Hire Virtual Event Companies 

As the landscape for work, school, and major events is ever changing, many are considering virtual events to go along with virtual work and virtual school. Virtual viewing is now an everyday “norm” and more and more brands are shifting to find ways to incorporate virtual events into their everyday routines. If you’re like most, virtual events are being considered for your business, but you’re not sure where or how to start. Consider these 5 reasons to hire virtual event companies to help you plan and execute live stream, discussion panels, virtual conferences and more.


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#1. Virtual Event Companies Guide Strategy 

Virtual event companies are able to strategize the event of your dreams taking much of the guesswork and planning off your plate. When you hire a professional to take over, all you have to do is tell them your idea and what your goal is, the virtual event company does the rest.

They work to determine how to plan and execute a virtual event that will help your business reach the desired goals. 

Virtual event companies understand the importance of efficiency and effectiveness when strategizing your event.

The team works to develop a plan for generating a mass audience, getting them engaged, keeping them interested, and encouraging the audience to perform the desired goal completion that works best for your business. 

Whether it’s generating more leads, sales, networking opportunities, education or something entirely different, virtual event companies have the experience in capturing audience attention and delivering content in the virtual world to inspire and engage like never before. 

#2. Virtual Event Companies Educate on Platform 

Hosting a virtual event takes time and effort. This can be especially time consuming if you’ve never worked with a virtual event platform before. Many platforms allow the host to engage in chat sessions, open forums, deliver quizzes and tests, or to moderate the group in various ways.

All of these features are great, if you know how to use them within the platform that you’re hosting the virtual event from. But if you don’t know how to use the platform, added features are not only time consuming to learn, they could result in technical difficulties that arise DURING your event. 

Minimize Risk

Virtual event companies educate you on the platform that you’re using and have a full understanding of all the ins and outs of the platform. The last thing you want is technical difficulties during your virtual event.

Hiring a professional is your best chance at reducing or completely eliminating any risk of technical difficulty during the event– especially problems related to understanding how to use the platform. 

A successful event is contingent upon your ability to use the event platform that you’re hosting the virtual event on. Don’t let lack of education be the demise of your event. 

#3. Virtual Event Companies Provide Technical Support 

You’re 15 minutes into a 2 day virtual event and suddenly you lose your connection to the internet. What are you going to do? Power loss, internet outages and similar problems will occur during your event — it’s Murphy’s Law! Loss of connection, at a vital time such as during your virtual event, could be the end of the event. 

Virtual event companies understand the importance of your event being “up” at all times. There is no time for an internet outage or power loss.

Virtual event companies are able to host your event with backup sources of internet and power readily available should any sort of outage occur. This means your event continues to deliver to the audience whether you lose power or internet, or not! 

Why take the risk of losing all the work you put into planning and executing the event? Hire a virtual event company that has the necessary backup power and internet planned for situations that absolutely WILL arise at just the WRONG time!

#4. Virtual Event Companies Manage Fine Details 

Virtual event companies are by your side to plan and execute your event with a focus on even the finest details. In fact, hiring a virtual event planning company is probably the best way you can maximize ROI. The event planner will deliver strategy, a timeline of 

events, an alternative timeline for those who cannot attend a particular schedule, and all of the fine details regarding the planning and execution of the event are covered. 

Audience Participation 

Did you know that delivery of a virtual event at a time when the audience CAN participate is one of the key factors related to whether or not an audience member signs up?

Enrollment and participation in your virtual event is contingent upon your offering the event at multiple times so that those with busy schedules can get involved too. Your virtual event company realizes this and will work diligently to help you schedule the event in a way that encourages maximum enrollment. 

Virtual event companies are responsible for all of the nitty gritty details of your virtual event and make sure that everything goes without a hitch.

Video production, technical requirements, registration, presentations, transitions and even the technical details are all handled when you choose to hire virtual event companies rather than taking a do it yourself approach. 

Beverly Boy Crew

#5. Virtual Event Companies Provide Needed Equipment 

The equipment needed to deliver a virtual event can be extensive and costly to purchase upfront.

If you don’t intend to conduct multiple virtual events of your own, and have no intention of hosting virtual conferences on a regular basis, it may not make sense to purchase all of the necessary video, sound, lighting, and production equipment needed to deliver the virtual event without a hitch. 


Virtual event companies provide the necessary equipment that will make your virtual event production appear just as professional as you want it to be.

While you could pay costly rental fees to acquire the equipment for a short-term rental period, doing so would also cost you a lot in terms of time as you would have to pick up the equipment, drop it off when done, and learn how to use it all.

Virtual event companies take the guesswork out of “What equipment do I need?” “How long do I need it?” and more so, “How do I work this stuff?” so that you can focus on things that matter more for your business or brand. 

Ready to hire one of the best virtual event companies there is? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today! We can’t wait to assist you in planning, producing and distributing the best virtual event you’ve ever been a part of. Our professional event production crew is standing by to take your call.

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