3 Types of Branded Video Content Every Business Needs

3. Types of Branded Video Content Every Business Needs 

Branded video content is a thriving media for businesses that utilize it, but for those that fall short, they are potentially missing out on pleasing 85% of consumers.1 That’s because recent figures show that 85% of consumers are looking for more branded videos from the businesses and brands they trust the most. If you’re not producing branded videos, you’re potentially missing the mark. Checkout these 3 types of branded video content that every business should have in their marketing mix. 

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1.Event Videos 

Branded event videos represent one of the most powerful ways to market your business to the world. What’s great about event videos is that these do not require a lengthy script or fancy acting. In fact, you can create corporate event videos for your business with just a few basic necessities. Hire a professional videography company and you’ll quickly be on your way to delivering your event videos to your audience. 

Event videos show what your business is all about. Represent your brand in style with an event video that showcases the value of your business to the world! 

Event Video for Branded Content

2.Interview Videos 

Branded interviews are another form of branded video content that every business should have on their website or elsewhere online for the world to see. Interview videos represent a way for your audience to get to know your brand. Who’s behind your brand? What makes your brand tick? Giving an inside look into the people that make your brand what it is today represents a way that many companies are missing the mark on their “About Us” pages. Very few incorporate interview videos with their top staff — but they should! 

What’s more, Google will be more likely to rank your About Us page if there are video interviews shared on it. So get going, slice up an interview with your CEO, business development reps, and the various other important faces that are behind your brand. 

camera crew filming testimonials profile

3.Presentation Videos 

You’re likely already presenting data to your prospective customer or business contacts anyway, why not record it in branded video content form so that you can utilize it in a more effective capacity? Branded presentation videos can engage your audience and connect more consumers to your brand. You’ve 

already worked hard on putting the content together. You’ve mastered the speech. Now put it on film so that the world can benefit from what you have to say and your business can gain that added value! 

Business Presentation

Thinking beyond the direct response that you are likely to receive during a presentation, producing branded presentation videos for the top of your funnel can increase consumer engagement with your brand and drive more customers down your pipeline. Some businesses might even argue that branded presentations represent the best branded video content for their business — they just didn’t realize it soon enough! 

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