Building Strong Emotional Connections with Branded Video Content

Video production experts realize the importance and value that comes from building connections with your audience. But high quality corporate videos take planning and a lot of working parts to come together at just the right times in order for success to be achieved. Follow these tips to connect with those interested in hearing the corporate message you have to deliver for your brand.

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1. Deep Audience Connection

Before you can connect emotionally with an audience, with video, text, or even a face-to-face conversation, you need to get to know the audience and how you can speak directly TO them.

Corporate video production that focuses on delivering audio visual content that truly speaks to your audience and their needs will quickly build the emotional connections that your brand needs to succeed and thrive. 

How can you get to know your audience? Consider basic demographics and details such as where they live, how they live, or even who they live with. Also consider age, socioeconomic status, and whether they are single, married, divorced, parents or not, grandparents or not, etc.

The demographics that mean most to the personal connections you build with your audience will vary based on your own individual business needs. Tailor your corporate video approach to the personal elements of your audience.

2. Emotional Connection

Now you’re probably thinking, “isn’t this entire post supposed to BE about using corporate video to build a connection?”

And if so, you’re also wondering, “how does developing strong emotional connections tie in as a tip to building connections with your audience?” Because, if you knew how to connect, you wouldn’t be reading this, right? 

But what we mean here is that you need to use your corporate videos to connect emotionally with the audience you are serving content to. Corporate video production often results in dry, uninspiring or unemotional video content and this type of content will NOT connect with your audience.

If you are serious about building connections with your audience, you must build the emotional basis for connection in the video content that you create.

3. Shared Stories, Shared Connections

Emotional connections are built when there is a story to backup a brand. Every major corporation has a story behind it and most are very emotional. Share your brand story to capture the attention and emotions of your audience.

Think about how your story ties into the products and services you produce today. Now think of how that story will resonate with the prospective customers that are searching for your products and services–chances are they are seeking to solve a problem that you once had.

Tell the story of how you solved your own problem, that is just like theirs, all those years ago.

4. Quick & To the Point

Branded video production varies from one video to the next but the majority of all corporate videos have one common element. They are short!

Corporate videos should generally be somewhere between 2 and 4 minutes long. Many corporate videos succeed with just 1 minute of well planned, extremely well executed content. 

You don’t need 10 minutes to build a strong connection with corporate video. Discuss the best length for your content with the corporate video production company that you decide to work with.

The total length will depend largely on where you intend to share the content, the narrative of your story, and the audience you are speaking to.

5. Audience Triggers

You can use words to deliver content anytime. You can use words on blog posts, marketing pamphlets, and everyday communications. But rarely do you get to SHOW your audience what it is that you need them to understand about your brand.

Video allows you to connect with the audience on a whole new level as you show them exactly what your brand, products, services or core values are all about.  Use video content to show your audience why they can trust you and your brand.

Of course you can include words in your video too, narrative is important, but you want to use visual aids to your advantage here.

Show and Tell

Instead of telling your viewers how great a product works, show them. Instead of telling them how many great things your business does for the community, show them.

Instead of mentioning what it is that makes your brand the best, use the video content to show them and build trust with your audience.

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