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5 Features of Branded Video Content

That you’re here tells us that you are already concerned about the importance of video content and what branded videos can do for your business–that’s great! It’s a real big deal when you can potentially reach more consumers via video content online than any other form of media deliverable. In fact, 80% of Millennials seek videos before they make a decision on the products or services they purchase. So, if you’re not using video to sell products and services to your consumers, you’re missing out!

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But not just any video content will do! You need top quality, branded video content in order to touch consumers in a way that helps them to feel fully, genuinely connected to your brand and the products/services that you can provide.

Follow along as we outline the top 5 features of branded video content that will help your business stand out.

1 Cultural Values

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Your values are what sets your business apart from the competitors. If you’re not sharing video content that targets your core values and delivers details to your consumers in a way that allows them to feel connected to your values–you’re missing the mark!

The values that you include in your story will help you to pack a powerful marketing punch for your brand.

Consider the use of values stories that brand your business in a way that connects emotionally with your audience. Share your inner strengths, your core values, and what it is that makes your brand thrive–consumers will love it!

2 Your Mission

What’s your mission statement? What steps do you take to work towards that mission? Sharing that with your branded video content is a great way to connect with consumers and show them that your brand is relative to what they believe.

Why stories, such as those that help to tell consumers WHY your brand is doing what it does, WHY your brand is the ideal solution for their needs, and WHY you workers show up every, single day will sell more than a video that simple delivers basic details about your services or your products.

WHY? Because these are the inner morals that allow your brand to stand out in a way that consumers can relate to–what’s your why?

3 Brand Origin

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Branded video content that shares the origin of your brand with the consumer in a way that allows them to better understand how it is that you came about producing the products or services that you provide represents an ideal means of featuring your branded videos content.

Where did your brand start? Was it out of the basement of your apartment? Was it in the back office of your previous business?

Was it BECAUSE you had an intricate need that nobody else could seem to fill and you managed to originate from a larger, more complex brand that narrowed in on the consumer needs?

Branded video content that dials in on the origin of the brand and what it is that made the brand get started is great! This type of content is irresistible for audiences and a great way to show your roots.

4 Corporate Vision

What is the overall corporate vision for your brand? Do you aim to one day provide customers an innovative experience that no other retailer can? Do you have a ten year plan that is NOTHING like the neighboring business? Your vision is the opposite of your origin.

Where your brand origin seeks to help the consumer understand where your roots are, the corporate vision branded videos will help the consumer see what you aspire to be. Where do you want to GROW to?

Great branded videos share the corporate vision in a way that helps the audience to feel connected to your success or to want to be part of that success. Share with your audience the details that will bring your brand to the next level. Let them understand that corporate vision–no matter how far-reaching it may seem now.

5 Brand Impact

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Are you making major strides in the community? The impact you make with others in the community is certainly worth sharing. Branded video content that focuses on sharing the impact that you’re making in the community is a great way to establish a sense of trust and connection with consumers.

They want to know what you’re doing in the community and they want to share that with others–especially when they are already your customer and you’re doing something that they can be proud of.

Brand impact videos can be used to share volunteer work, community events or other important activities or interactions that take place between your brand and members of the community.

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Don’t be afraid to share branded videos that consider your interactions throughout the community, large and small–there’s no telling what consumers may feel more connected to you as a result.

Ready to create branded video content that uses these positive features to powerfully connect with your audience? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call at 888-462-7808! We can’t wait to help you!

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