6 Production Tips from a New Orleans Talking Head Video Production Company

Are you in need of a New Orleans Talking Head Video Production Company? Studies estimate that as much as 82% of the traffic online is video related and that figure continues to grow annually at significant rates. Talking head videos are some of the most popular forms of video online, including things like customer testimonials, employee interviews, and corporate branded videos plus many other styles and types of video content. Following these tips from a New Orleans Talking Head Video Production Company will help you achieve success when producing expert crafted talking head videos for your brand.

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Why are we able to provide tips like this? Because Beverly Boy Productions has been producing expert talking head videos for decades. Long before video was the primary means of internet content, we were producing talking head videos that were consumed on television in the form of commercials and similarly branded content. The tips we’ve provided here are the same tips that we use in our own talking head videos.

Take Your Time in Pre-Production to Plan Your Talking Head Video

So often, businesses overlook the importance of planning a talking head video. They want to just dive right in and start filming whatever it is that comes to mind. Unfortunately, this typically results in a poorly crafted video that leaves much to be desired. Instead, taking your time so that you can produce a talking head video that has a carefully planned topic, well-thought interview questions, and a subject that is comfortable on camera will make your talking head video stand out more prominently in a crowd. All of this is part of the pre-production process, and it’s stuff that a professional New Orleans Talking Head Video Production Company will handle for you if you decide to hire a pro.

Planning your Audience is Essential

The audience that you target with your talking head video is very important. You can’t just speak to anyone and everyone that is willing to listen to what you have to say about your brand. It’s quite common for you to have a wide audience, and to create diverse content that reaches different sub-networks of your audience. Don’t expect to reach everyone with a single video. Instead, try to reach a smaller, more specific niche or group with your message – it will convert better and you’ll find the process to be more successful overall.

Choose Your Shoot Location Wisely

You might be thinking, “I’ll just film the video in my office,” or “I’ll just film outside,” but these may or may not be the best shoot locations for your talking head video. While New Orleans does have a plethora of great filming locations to choose from, they’re not all necessarily great for every project. You should choose a film location that is going to be quiet, where you won’t have distractions (such as cars, horns, birds, or planes), and where you can maintain a consistent room tone and background view. You should also consider the lighting of the space when it comes to deciding where to film as this is just as important as the view.

A Great Talking Head Video Requires Multiple Camera Setups

Think you can get away with a single camera and a tripod? Think again! Great, professionally produced talking head videos require at least two cameras, and they need expert equipment. If you don’t have an expert camera, or you don’t have multiple cameras, or you don’t have a tripod – it’s probably time to hire a professional New Orleans Talking Head Video Production Company to work with. While you could certainly rent equipment, the cost of rental and the time it would take to learn to use it would surely overdo any potential savings that you may incur compared to hiring a pro so, what are you waiting for?

B-Roll, Animations, Transitions & Subtitles are Vital

You may not need all of these, but most likely – you will! You certainly can’t get away without some b-roll shots, and you’re going to need transitions to shift from clip to clip. You’re also going to need subtitles so that people who watch your talking head video on silent (which is common for those viewing on social media and in many other scenarios) can understand what you’re saying. Animated text will bring your visual text elements to life making them more vibrant and exciting to watch.

Define What Success for Your Talking Head Video Looks Like

This is important to do before you hire a professional New Orleans Talking Head Video Production Company to assist you or before you attempt to create the video yourself. Having a clear picture in your mind of what a successful video is going to look like for your business is key. Whether it’s a video that results in a specific number of sales, leads, phone calls, or sign-ups, or it’s a video that gets watched a specific number of times, you need to have a plan in place for what success is for your video this way you can target that plan and will know how to apply the data after distribution of your content.

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