6 Important Considerations when Hiring a Video Production Company

6 Important Considerations When Hiring a Video Production Company

When you’re looking to hire a video production company, you must make sure you’re taking the appropriate steps to screen and choose the best group to take on your project. At Beverly Boy Productions, we take pride in delivering exceptional quality content for our clients, and we’re always available to answer questions about the services we provide. Make sure you keep these important considerations in mind when hiring a video production company for your next project.

Professional Live Event Coverage

Professional Live Event Coverage

1. Contracted Crew Members vs. In-House Crew

Many video production companies will hire contracted crew members to carry out your project, and, as a result, the quality is often reduced. However, Beverly Boy Productions works with a mix of both in-house crew and contracted on-site crew as needed to ensure top quality video productions. When choosing a video production company, make sure you are aware of their crew and whether they have contracted employees that will work on your project. Discuss their processes and the steps they will take to ensure your project is completed promptly without risking quality. Make sure that all crew members, regardless of whether they are contracted or not, understand your creative vision and the needs of your project.

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2. Recent Work

Many business owners look to the demo reel for information on how a production company will deliver the content they are seeking, but this isn’t always the first or only place you should be looking. When hiring a video production company, you’ll want to check out their recent work in addition to the demo reel. The demo can show some great stuff, but it’s not always indicative of what the company can do relative to your work. Check their recent work to get an idea of what the company is capable of in relation to your project.

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3. Consider All Options

When shopping around for a video production company, you must consider all of your options. Don’t settle just because a particular company is close to you or worked well for someone else. You want to make sure to hire a video production company that produces the kind of work that you need, and that can deliver at a price you can afford. Consider each option available to you before you make a final decision.

4. Don’t Compromise Quality for Budget

Video production costs vary tremendously from one brand to the next. Likewise, what you get can vary significantly from one to the next, too. Don’t compromise your quality just because you want to produce a lower budget project. If you don’t have the budget to hire a competent video production company, consider saving for a while before you fulfill the project. Never choose a lower quality production company just to get the video produced rather than taking the time to ensure you will get top quality content within your budget.

5. Choose a Company that Specializes

You have a need, whether it’s for a corporate commercial, training videos, or a social media movie. Choose a video production company that specializes in the content that you need. You will be thankful in the end if you hire a company that truly understands the type of content that you are trying to produce. Save yourself time and money and hire a video production company that has a background in the skills or services that are most appropriate to your project.

customer testimonial video production

Beverly Boy Productions filming a customer testimonial video production

6. Get Involved

Most video production companies are happy when their client is willing to get involved enough to help them see the creative vision through. If you find you’re working with a production company that is not keen on you being involved with the creative process, consider another company! The more you can get involved in the production, and in explaining what it is you want to achieve with the content, the greater the relationship between you and the production company will be.

Ready to hire a video production company that will listen to you and deliver quality content that exceeds your expectations? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call!

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