How Video Marketing Has Changed the Customer Experience

Marketing is all about connections. Connecting with consumers was once primarily engaged through personal relationships, written ads, and television commercials, but today’s marketing has evolved to include email campaigns, live video on-demand, and a variety of other forms of video content which also has improved the customer experience. In fact, understanding how video marketing has changed the customer experience, for the better, is something many brands can benefit from learning.

As the consumer navigates the product or service purchase cycle, most are looking for video content from the brands they know or are interested in. In fact, most customers expect that brands, no matter how large or small, will have video as part of their marketing and sales cycle presenting important content at every stage from lead acquisition and awareness to consumer decision making and the final sale.

 Certainly video is prominent in all phases and stages of marketing, but how video marketing has changed the customer experience tends to be something that viewers have different opinions on. Some viewers believe that video has increased their ability to find products and services that are beneficial to them more quickly and efficiently. Others state that video helps them to make better decisions about the products and services that are more valuable or useful to them. Still others find video to be valuable at the post-sale product retention  stage as they gain additional insight into how they can maximize their use of the products or services they purchase getting the most bang for their buck.

How Video Marketing has Changed the Customer Experience in Early Awareness Stage

During the first stage of the customer journey, brands are seeking to create awareness for the products and services they provide. Many customers, at this stage, don’t realize that they need the products or services offered by the brands. They’re so early in the journey that they may not even realize they have a “problem” just yet, or they’re just starting to recognize that they might have a need. At this stage, video marketing, particularly social media and customer testimonials present powerful information that consumers were never before able to so easily access.

How Video Marketing has Changed the Customer Experience in Considerations Stage

The second stage, when consumers have realized they’ve got a situation that requires some help and they’re considering the products or services that might provide the best solution, has evolved exponentially as a result of video marketing. Not only do consumers at the consideration stage find video valuable for their research into the products and services available, the benefits of various products and services that are available, and the individual product information or service information that could help them specifically, but they’re also subject to two-way communication too. 

The use of video as a lead nurturing magnet is huge! Customers previously had to read or possibly visit a store, in order to learn the details about the products or services they were interested in. With complex products or services, reading about the benefits and potential uses wasn’t always exactly “ideal.” But video makes these products and services easy to understand, visually easy to follow. In fact, at the considerations stage, products or services can be compared with competitor products or services, side-by-side, with ease, making it much easier for customers to decide.

How Video Marketing has Changed the Customer Experience in the Acquisition Stage

At the acquisition stage, video has changed the way we convert leads into paying customers. This is the point where video marketing peaks, the customer experience has changed dramatically at this stage. Where customers once had very limited ability to assist the business in regards to post-sale loyalty through testimonials or case studies, today’s video marketing amid platforms such as social media, and websites, provide for advanced opportunities for consumers.

Once a customer has purchased a product or service, they can provide a testimonial via a website, social media, or platforms like Google My Business, Yelp and others. These same customers can also get the most out of the products and services they purchase when businesses deliver onboarding videos, explainer videos, and how-to content video email campaigns to their inboxes. This is the perfect opportunity for brands to provide high-level support after the sale of the product or service has taken place.

The use of these types of videos in the acquisition stage has certainly changed the customer experience from one of blind product or service use and bewildered acceptance to a vital support network full of everything a customer needs to succeed with a product or service, effectively.

How Video Marketing has Changed the Customer Experience in the Brand Advocacy Stage

The fourth, and final stage of the sales or customer journey is the brand advocacy journey. While this is sometimes not really considered part of the journey depending on the product or service that is being sold, keeping existing customers satisfied so that they can help you, help others, is an important step that brands really shouldn’t overlook. Fortunately, video has changed the way consumers at this stage interact and spread positive energy about the brand.

For example, brand advocates such as social influencers and thought leaders can share videos via various platforms to increase customer trust and ongoing leads for your brand. This sort of brand advocacy really wasn’t possible before video became something that virtually anyone, any business, any consumer, at any time could produce and share. Today, community followers that know and love your products or services can share their advice, and expertise, through a variety of different content types including vlogs, social media posts, testimonials and ongoing support for the brand.

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