How to Make Video Marketing Work for Your Business

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Billions of videos are watched everyday. What can you do to ensure that video marketing works for your business and your content isn’t getting lost in the mix? We’re showing you what it takes to create successful video content for your business. If you’re unsure or need help creating video content that will wow your audience, call Beverly Boy Productions to get started.

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Start Simple

 Here Is a Video From One of Our Clients 

Simple Steps

The first major step to make video marketing work for your business is to keep it simple. Simply stated, your video marketing efforts should provide a clear, concise message that your audience can resonate with and that they will understand fully without question. Each video you create must:

  • Include a core message that is simple and clear.
  • Serve a key purpose of objective that is clearly defined.
  • Provide value to your audience.
  • Be produced with quality in mind.

Devise a Video Marketing Plan

Before your video marketing efforts can be successful you need a plan. The biggest error businesses make is to start producing content without a plan. Before you produce a video, consider the following:

Benefits of Video Marketing for Local Businesses


  • Who your video is for.
  • What your goal is.
  • Where you will share the video.
  • When you intend to complete the video.
  • The message the video will send.
  • How you will determine the success (or failure) of the content.

Hire a Video Production Company

Team BBP Filming a Celebrity Interview with Jesse Eisenberg


Once you’ve devised a basic plan for your video marketing it’s time to hire a production company that can help you see the plan through. A video production company will take the guesswork out of how to create the videos and what steps you should undergo for quality content. This way you can focus on the most important elements such as the core message, the intent, and the success of the campaign.

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Quality Videos

You may be inclined to believe that your business can create the videos instead of hiring a production crew. While you may save some money this way, if you’re not a professional video producer, chances are your content will lack the level of quality necessary for success. Remember, the quality of your content plays a key role in the impression you make as a brand. If your brand is promoted with poor quality video, prospects may be inclined to believe that your business is of poor quality.


Once you have the perfect videos created by the production company, you can begin to promote them. Where you promote and distribute the content will depend on your individual needs, the type of videos you produce and your goals. You want to make sure to deliver video content to your audience which means you need to know where your audience spends their time. Your video marketing efforts won’t do much for your business if you are posting content in the wrong places.

Benefits of Video Marketing for Local Businesses

Providing valuable video content that is professional produced and includes the core messages that your brand needs to deliver to a targeted audience will result in success. Video marketing will work for your business if you take your time and follow these tips as you produce the content for your campaigns. For additional assistance, call Team Beverly Boy to get started.

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