How much does it cost to produce a commercial in Albuquerque-

How much does it cost to produce a commercial in Albuquerque?

Ready to learn about your TV commercial production cost? Then ask how much does it cost to produce a commercial in Albuquerque? Whether you are looking to air your commercial on local cable through Xfinity or hughesNET, or local Albuquerque broadcast affiliates like KASA or KNME, this information is urgently needed for your project. 

Why do you need $1,500 to $150,000 for your project? The answer to that is provided to those who visit our Albuquerque tv commercial production page to see samples and chat with us about their project. Knowing the cost of a television ad in Albuquerque not only prepares you for this project, but for future ones as well. 

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30 second TV commercial in Albuquerque 

Do you need a quick way to get yourself noticed in New Mexico? Let our 30 second tv commercial in Albuquerque help you with this. With its low rates and fast production time, your business will soon be on KOB NBC 4! Call for your 30 second tv commercial in Albuquerque today!

Just how low is the cost to produce a 30 second commercial in Albuquerque? We have an estimate of $1,500-$3,500 as our answer for this question. Let us delve further into tv commercial production cost. 

Know what you want

We always encourage clients to plan and be prepared before starting on a project. This will make it easier for you to keep track of every service that went into your cost of producing a television commercial in Albuquerque/New Mexico. It also helps organize some of the information you need to properly answer how much does it cost to produce a commercial in Albuquerque? 

Why do we say no one has more knowledge of filming commercials in New Mexico than us? Because we have helped clients all across the state, including those located in South Valley film projects like these for over a decade. We have seen numerous commercial spots in North Valley and produced our fair share of animated tv commercials in Rio Rancho as well!

You need high production value

 Did you know that it only costs 20K to 30K to hire actors, a makeup artist, professional camera crew, a studio, a Director, and a few other things to make your video better? This is the process of high production value. It is a costly but important part of learning how much does it cost to produce a commercial in Albuquerque. 

Albuquerque television commercial cost

Most people need help keeping up with the cost of producing an Albuquerque television commercial. This is understandable because of all of the information you need to know. An industry trick that is used by many is to have a professional video production company help you manage your tv commercial production cost. This has helped many individuals manage their project more effectively. 

How much does it Cost to air a local commercial in Albuquerque?

There are a number of different ways to air your tv spot in Albuquerque. The most popular and least expensive option is the local Albuquerque tv market. It is also the option with the most limited audience, but it is still a good place to start. You can air a 30 second commercial in Albuquerque on this market for only $50 or $80 per spot to $1,500 or $20,000 per spot. That’s a budget that can accommodate everyone. There are other forms of tv Advertising that offer more services, but are more expensive. 

That leads us to discuss the prices and features of the primetime broadcast network tv program. First, the price is $10,000 plus per 30 second tv spot. Second, this is the best service to use on your Albuquerque tv advertisement because it is a show that broadcasts outside of Albuquerque/New Mexico. 

Albuquerque TV commercial cost

Videographer Prepping Camera Gear 19

Now that services on your tv advertisement are wrapped up, you are anxious to reach out to the local networks on how to broadcast your ad. Not only are there numerous Albuquerque networks to choose from, but this step should be easy now that you have figured out your Albuquerque tv commercial cost. Beverly Boy productions is ready to help, so call us for a quick quote today! 

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