5 Reasons Patient Testimonials are a Must for All Healthcare Practices

5 Reasons Patient Testimonials are a Must for All Healthcare Practices

Patient testimonial videos are one of the easiest, budget-friendly, and widely accepted form of video content for healthcare practices to produce. Not only that, but patient testimonials have the power to change prospective patient outlooks on your practice, drive appointment bookings, and boost ROI for your marketing expenditure so that you get more out of your marketing efforts. But don’t take our word for it.

Consider the following facts and figures:

  • 72% of patients state that positive reviews help them to trust a practice more.
  • 88% of consumers say they trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation.
  • 94% of healthcare patients use online reviews to evaluate their provider choices.
  • 92% of consumers report reading online reviews and patient testimonials when they are considering the purchase of goods or services such as healthcare.

With all these statistics in mind, check out these 5 reasons that patient testimonials are an absolute MUST for healthcare practices, and when you’ve made up your mind to get started, give Beverly Boy Productions a call!

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1. Patient Testimonials Build Trust

You want to build trust for your healthcare practice, right? That’s generally the initial goal of producing patient testimonial videos. However, many doctors or healthcare professionals don’t realize how important patient testimonials are when it comes to growing the trust that others have in your practice. Testimonials can reduce appointment back-outs and minimize the anxiety that new patients have about coming in for treatment.

2. Patient Testimonials Increase Appointment Bookings

Want to book your healthcare practice full of patients? Create patient testimonials and use them as advertisements in your social media feeds, on your website, and in paid marketing ads for digital newspapers or on other websites. You will see increased appointment bookings as more people come to recognize and trust your healthcare brand.

3. Patient Testimonials Humanize Your Practice

A healthcare practice that a patient has never been to before can feel cold and unwelcoming, especially if the only interaction the patient has had with the practice is by a phone call to the insurance company that states “call this provider, they are in-network.” However, when you have patient testimonials available on your website for potential new patients to see before they arrive at your practice you are humanizing your practice and this can calm new patient fears.

Patient Testimonials

4. Patient Testimonials Enhance Website Rankings

Patient testimonial videos can be placed on landing pages, internal blog pages, or your website homepage to increase organic rankings. Google loves websites and webpages that have videos on them. In fact, pages with video tend to rank in the top 3 of Google more frequently than website pages that do not include video content. So post those patient testimonials on your homepage, landing pages, and anywhere you want more traffic to your site.

5. Patient Testimonials Improve Email Click-Through Rates

Want to bring more patients into your practice with your email campaigns? Patient testimonial videos can help you to improve click-through rates substantially. In fact, when you include patient testimonials in your emails you can expect up to 80% higher click-through rate and you are likely to have higher overall conversions relative to the content within the email, too — it’s a win, win for your business.

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