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 Why is it Important to Make Videos on Social Media Marketing Channels

Video marketing is no longer a trend that you can watch and wait around to see if it’s going to fizzle out. Not only is video marketing on social media clearly here to stay, it’s something that every brand should be focusing a solid portion of their marketing budget towards. But, why is it important to make videos on social media marketing channels? Couldn’t you just post your videos on YouTube or share them on your own website and via email?

As of right now, online videos account for about 82% of all internet traffic. We anticipate that number to grow as more consumers turn to social media platforms and channels like TikTok, Instagram and the continued use of Facebook to connect with the businesses and brands (as well as the friends and families) that they love. But if you’re already posting your photos and updates to social media, you might be wondering why it would be important to make videos on social media marketing channels.

You’re certainly not alone! Many new marketers or business owners are unsure about social media marketing and the benefits of video content. Even more are surprised to hear that they should be actively engaging and sharing videos on social media marketing channels on a regular basis. So, why is it important to make videos on social media marketing channels?

Videos Attract Consumer Attention

When you share videos on social media the content is up to 1200% more likely to be shared, commented on, or otherwise engaged with. Videos attract consumer attention and are a great hook to pull your audience in. Instead of writing some long-winded post, sharing a video that shows visuals and includes graphic representation of what you want to say will be more likely to compel your audience not only to stick around, but to engage too!

Making Videos on Social Media Creates Native Content

While not all videos that you create will be native content, it’s important to address this. If you make videos on social media marketing platforms such as Facebook Live or through Instagram Stories that content becomes what the social media platforms call “Native content” and they love it! Social media marketing channels are more likely to put native content above all other types of content posted on their platforms and they tend to give special preference to any “native” content that consumers create. So, while you can create videos outside of the platform and post them directly to which will also be considered native, keep in mind that posting to one platform and then sharing a link to another platform would NOT be considered native to that second platform – just for reference.

Videos Increase Conversions

As we continue to look at answering the question, “Why is it important to make videos on social media marketing channels?” Consider the fact that videos increase conversions. Particularly, the sharing of videos on social media marketing channels will help businesses and brands to generate up to 34% higher overall conversions for their campaigns. In fact, 84% of consumers report that they purchased a product or service after seeing a video on social media. The best way to generate more conversions for your business is through the use of targeted video content that you can share across your various social media platforms and throughout your website, landing pages, and email marketing campaigns.

Video Provides Unique Messaging

Posting video content on social media provides a unique messaging opportunity for you to reach consumers with your branded content. By creating social media videos that approach the various aspects of your business and deliver various details to your audience, you can reach a mass of viewers in different aspects of the purchase cycle to help grow awareness, interest, and ultimately sales for your brand. You can repurpose many of your content assets that have already performed well into social media videos that you can include for marketing. This way, you benefit from knowing that your audience already enjoys the type of content and, with video, you can guess they will love it even more!

So, why is it important to make videos on social media marketing channels? There are literally endless reasons to choose video marketing for your social media campaigns. Ultimately it’s very important to make videos over other forms of content because consumers are looking for video content from the brands they love and trust and video is more likely to keep consumer interest while instilling higher conversions for your brand.

If you’re still wondering, “why is it important to make videos on social media marketing channels?” Give Beverly Boy Productions a call to discuss the process. We specialize in the production of branded social media marketing videos and content for business owners just like you. We will gladly explain the benefits of social media marketing videos which include increased consumer awareness, higher social media traffic and engagement, and increased conversions for your brand!