7 Reasons a Nashville Talking Head Video Production Company is Best for Your Project

Talking head videos are powerful and incredibly popular in marketing, news, and educational content. Commonly seen in a variety of different types and styles of video content, these videos have the key characteristic of showcasing 1 or more individuals, talking into the camera, about a variety of topics from sales to sarcasm and everything in between. If you’re even considering a video for your Nashville business, hiring a Nashville talking head video production company for your project is exactly what you need to do! 

Not only do we believe that you will not walk away disappointed if you hire a professional to assist you in the production of talking head videos for your business, but at Beverly Boy Productions, we strongly believe that working closely with a professional could make the difference between the success, or failure, of your video campaign. Follow along as we provide the top reasons that you should hire a Nashville talking head video production company to work with and, when you’re ready to get started – give Team Beverly Boy a call!

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  1. Professionals Know the City

Music City is full of places to see, things to do, and amazing backdrops for a video, as long as you’re working with a professional that understands the city. Navigating the honky-tonks, grassroots country music festivals, and Tennessee flare along the Cumberland River can present challenges for filmmakers, particularly if you’re not prepared for traveling with equipment and gear throughout the city, but the challenges are certainly worth the effort. Filming a talking head video inside Nashville is something that many area business owners will admit is the best thing they’ve ever done for their marketing.

  1. Experts have Expert Equipment 

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Working with an expert Nashville talking head video production company means you’ll have access to expert film equipment. This kind of equipment can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars to purchase and several thousand to rent if you were to film the video yourself. Likewise, professional film equipment often has a very challenging learning curve associated with it. Fortunately, working with an expert means not only that you’ll have access to the equipment, but that you will have an expert on your side to operate it, too.

  1. Filming in an Entertainment Capital

Nashville, otherwise known as Music City, is an entertainment capital that is widely known for attracting an A-list roster of musicians and being an incredibly attractive location for artists of all types. Filming a talking head video in the city puts your business in front of a variety of entertainment professionals which could potentially be beneficial if you’re interested in building your brand locally.

  1. Expert Knowledge of Shots, Composition & Framing

If you’re not a film professional, and you don’t have a background in art, then this probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to you, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important! Working with an expert Nashville talking head video production company means you’ll have expert knowledge on your side when it comes to planning the shots, composition, and framing of your video. All of this is vital to creating a valuable customer experience that delivers expert visual content for your brand.

  1. A Professional is Aware of the Importance of Film Location

Working with an expert Nashville talking head video production company means you’ll have someone on your side that knows and is aware of the major importance of film location when shooting a video. Location can play a significant impact not only on the outcome of your film, but on things like the amount of background noise or interference, the quality of the film audio, and the overall quality of the footage. All are important to the success of your project.

  1. Cutaways, Effects, & Transitions

Hiring a Nashville talking head video production company to work with will be beneficial for many reasons, one of the most important is the fact that these professionals understand how cutaways, transitions, and special effects can be used in the video to produce an expert image that your audience is going to find most engaging and fun to watch. This is especially important as talking head videos, without transitions and cutaway shots to b-roll, can be hard to stay focused on – they may even get boring if you’re not careful – but not with the help of an expert.

  1. Music, Audio & Background to Pull the Project Together


The support of an expert film professional that specializes in producing talking head videos in Nashville is essential to the success of your video project. Working with a Nashville talking head video production company places you in a situation in which you can rest assured that the project will come together and that the footage, audio, background music, and the background scenes that are incorporated into your talking head video are going to keep your audience engaged for the duration of the video. Want to learn more? Call Beverly Boy Productions.

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