5 Facebook Video Marketing Trends for 2024

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world. People young and old embrace the platform to engage with others, shop, and play. As we move into a new year, many are wondering what kind of marketing and advertising to expect on Facebook in 2024. These Facebook video marketing trends for 2024 are expected to play out in the coming year as we move forward with social media marketing and growth.

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1. Live Streaming Takes Over

quarantine livestream

We believe that Facebook live will continue to be a huge win for the platform in 2024. While COVID-19 resulted in widespread acceptance of Facebook Livestream in 2020, we think that 2024 will continue with widespread Facebook live events, and interactive sequences. 

As a brand, if you’re not involved in livestreaming on Facebook or elsewhere, you could be missing out on a lot of opportunity to connect with fans.

Think about incorporate live broadcasts into your social media marketing to connect with your audience and get more out of your marketing. 

2. Facebook Video Ads are Short & Sweet

We believe that one of the greatest Facebook video marketing trends for 2024 that will continue in the year is the move to shorter ads. These ads are going to be highly targeted, super focused, and ultra short. If you’re producing long, boring video ads — you’re stuck behind in the times.

As a brand, you should be looking at producing short video ads that are 15 seconds or less. They should be ultra engaging, ultra targeted, and ultra fun.

3. 360-Degree Videos

We saw a little bit of the 360-degree video used in Facebook in 2022 but we believe that marketers are going to largely get on board with this new opportunity to share locations and new vantage points in their videos by incorporating 360-degree videos into their marketing in 2024.

In fact, there are many different Facebook video marketing trends for 2024 that kind of have piggybacked off of the early trends of 2022 and that is to be expected, since we basically spent the entire year inside with nothing to do!

4. Video Advertisements in Chat

Facebook Messenger bots continue to gain traction online in 2024 and the addition of video advertisements in chat will give way to many more opportunities.

But this doesn’t mean that just any videos should be placed in a chat bot. The best brands and marketers are going to custom tailor the chat bot experience to deliver targeted video advertisements to consumers at just the right time.

It wont be perfect, but done right these automated message can drive sales, increase conversions, and generate high growth for your brand.

5. Personalized Videos

We may or may not see the personalization of videos come to Facebook marketing, but it would be an excellent opportunity for brands to embark on the personalization bandwagon.

In fact, as we reviewed potential Facebook video marketing trends for 2024, the rise in personalized video content is something that we simply cannot overlook.

We think you’ll start to see a lot of personalization features in videos as the new years rolls out and we’re excited to see what brands come up with next!

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