5 Ways to Make Facebook Video Ads Standout Against the Noise

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Producing Facebook video ads that standout against the competition is a grueling process. With so many ads popping up online and so many great competitors to face, it can be challenging just trying to stay afloat.

We’re showing you 5 ways to make Facebook video ads that standout against the noise and will work to keep your brand prominent in social media.

1. Be Concise

The first step to creating powerful Facebook video ads that will standout and make a wave for your business is to get back to basics. Your Facebook videos need to be clear and concise. There’s no time or room for videos that deliver unconcise topics or that are all over the place.

Keep your videos clearly articulated and follow these steps:

● Front load video content so that you deliver the details upfront for those who may not stick around.
● Stay on topic and be specific with your ad.
● Be personal so that your audience resonates with you.

2. Compel Viewers with a Great Story

We say this all the time, great videos tell a great story! Your Facebook video ads must tell a compelling story that will draw the attention and desire of your viewer to follow through with the desired action that you layout in your video CTA.

Your videos should carry a narrative that is memorable and that introduces your brand or the product being delivered in the video in a way that builds a relationship between the viewer and your business.

Think back to the early days of kindergarten. What were the foundations of a great story back then? You had an attention grabbing plot, great characters, and a great ending. Authenticity will go a long way so do your best to show your brand in a genuine manner.

3. Expect Ads to Play on Mute

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Your video content will most likely play on mute in Facebook unless the viewer makes the decision to stop scrolling and open the video externally to hear it. 85% of Facebook videos play without sound so you’ll need to make sure your content is great on mute. Deliver the message without sound so that all can benefit.

4. Boost Impressions with In-Stream Advertising

Facebook videos that utilize in-stream ads have higher impressions than those that do not. In fact, 70% of impressions when in-stream ads are used result in the Facebook video sound being ON!

Place an ad anywhere in the video to gain the benefits of higher impressions and the ability to get in front of more viewers. The engagement will be better and your brand will benefit.

5. Include a Tagline

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Your Facebook video ads should always include a text tagline that helps people feel compelled to follow through with your call to action. The text tagline encourages the viewer to follow through with the next steps of the process.

This is ultimately WHY you produced the video in the first place so you really want them to take action. Consider simple text such as “Purchase Now” or “Call Now” or “Visit our Site to Learn More.”

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