Sample Cast and Crew Call Sheet Template

Sample Cast and Crew Call Sheet Template

What exactly should go into producing a sample cast and crew call sheet template? Where should the Producer and the Director’s names be listed? Do I really need to include a weather update?

If all of these questions are coming to your mind before you even consider searching for a sample cast and crew call sheet template, you’re not alone! Every newbie filmmaker or aspiring artist has questions about what to include in a cast and crew call sheet. It’s natural to only want what’s best for your team! We’re breaking down the key components for a cast and crew call sheet and the must-haves as well as the have nots that you should consider for your call sheet needs.

Cast and Crew Call Sheet Requirements

The call sheet template is essentially a fancy term for the schedule that is created by the Assistant Director and implemented to keep the shoot schedule and shot list in order to ensure productivity and efficiency on the film shoot day. The call sheet is then sent out to all cast, crew, and production members prior to the shoot day so that there are no mistakes or misunderstandings at to where, or when, to be on location.

First, let’s take a look at what a daily call sheet must include:

  • Production Title
  • Production Address
  • Production Office Contact details
  • Producer, Director, and AD Contact names & details
  • Shoot location
  • Call Time
  • Shoot date, time, and weather
  • Scenes, set and description, action
  • Characters for each scene
  • Page of each scene in the original script
  • Location notes or changes in a location on set
  • Total number of pages scheduled for the shoot day
  • Emergency contacts and nearest hospital information
  • Additional notes on parking, transportation, meals & breaks

Cast and Crew Call Sheet Templates

Casting Call Sign in Sheet

While it may not seem like something too difficult to produce on your own, sometimes a sample cast and crew call sheet template can help you better visualize the needs of the call sheet as well as the expected layout. For example, based on the list of requirements above, you have little or no way of knowing that the call time is to be BOLD and located at the top of the sheet in an area that it can in no way be overlooked or missed. It’s tiny details that are big importance that make the call sheet template important.

Below are some cast and crew call sheet templates:

Each of these sample cast and crew call sheet templates includes the essential layout features that will make providing key data and details regarding your shoot day a breeze. Use the call sheet templates, or revise them to your own liking to begin immediately delivering essential call sheet details to your cast, crew, and contractors ahead of the shoot day for ease, efficiency and improved productivity!

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