Answer these 5 Questions When Producing a Product Launch Video

Every successful product launch these days is backed by a product launch video that can be shared on social media platform.  Producing a product launch video requires essential focus on the product and answering some very important questions about the product including what it is, how it’s used and why.  Before you launch a new product, make sure that you answer these very important questions about your product in your product launch video if you truly want to attract audience awareness and generate leads.

  1. What is the Product?

First and foremost, what is the product that you’re launching? What is it that makes your product what it is for the consumer? Do you have a logo or a tagline? How does that describe your product? Are there any unique benefits that are associated with your product? This is your chance to tell your audience exactly what you’re introducing to them so it’s important for you to really make it count!

As you’re explaining what your product is, you should also be explaining how you came up with the idea. Since this is a product launch video, viewers are going to want to know how you came up with the idea for a new product and what fueled you to move through with producing the product.

  1. How is the Product Used?

Not just how is it to be used but also by whom is it to be used. Whenever you have a new product, it’s important to introduce to the world how your product ties in with the rest of the world. This is your opportunity to explain the details behind your product’s use.

If your audience uses your product exactly how you say, what benefits or outcomes will they achieve? Your product launch video should not only explain in great detail how the product is supposed to be used but it should also provide some insight into the benefits that will be achieved from frequent use. 

  1. Where is the Product Used?

In addition to how is the product used, you should also focus on where the product is used? Is this a haircare product that you place on top of the scalp? Is it a clothing product that you can wear? Is it a product that is meant for the home? Using your product launch video to detail where a product is supposed to be used can help to eliminate any questions or concerns in the future. 

Be sure that you’re using images as the primary means of showing off where to use a product. You certainly don’t  want your product launch video to be made up almost entirely of written  text or narration as visuals are going to be key to getting your audience engaged and to keeping them interested in the content that you’re sharing on the screen.

  1. Who is the Product Made For?

This is your chance to sell your product as something very special. If you’re aiming for a luxury product grouping, you should focus heavily on the wording throughout your product launch video and on the visuals that you choose. As you think about who your product is made for, you should be carefully thinking about the various personas either that you have already come up with or new personas that you will define in the future. 

If you haven’t created marketing personas that dictate your target clientele, you need to stop what you’re doing and start that immediately! The use of marketing personas is absolutely vital to the success of your advertising campaigns. Creating a persona is as simple as naming the unique traits or characteristics of your target client, but it can get very complex, particularly if you get complex with your targeting.

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  1. Why Will Your Product Help Consumers?

The final question you need to be asking when producing a product launch video is why will your product help customers? This your chance to sum up the benefits that are provided by your product when someone regularly uses the product for themselves. If you haven’t already made a list of all the potential benefits of your product, now is your time to stop what you’re doing and make that list.

Producing a product launch video that will drive success for your business is something that requires a very detailed understanding of your product and how it will benefit the end user. Many of these details are determined long after the product is launched and you have a satisfied list of clientele, but that doesn’t mean that you have to wait months to produce your product launch video. Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today to learn more. 

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