5 Reasons Product Videos Help you Sell More

Product videos help businesses to extend their marketing strategy beyond the typical blog post and reach a wider audience. Smartphones, tablets and the use of the internet allows consumers to download, watch, and share video content more than ever before.

If you’re not already using product videos in your marketing mix, you could be missing out on the potential to sell more products. In fact, there are several reasons why product videos help you sell more. We’ll discuss a few below.

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1. Video Content Delivers Best ROI

Looking for the highest return on your content investment? Consider product videos! Product videos, when done right, have the power to engage consumers and drive them down the marketing funnel directly to your sales page. Marketers that are already using video content in their marketing strategy report that product videos provide the strongest ROI of any form of content they produce.

Why? Because people are more likely to watch a video, they are more likely to remember it, and they are more likely to share it. Think of how much work you have to do with written content to get the details out, share them with the audience in a way that they will resonate with and remember, and then get them to share with others–it’s so much work! But with video, people are constantly seeking content to share! It’s just a matter of time before your content reaches a wider audience if you’ve approached product video production in the right manner.


2. Increased Conversions

Want to sell more, you need to increase conversions! Product videos provide the opportunity to increase your conversions better than any other media format.

In fact, 76% of marketers report video helping them to increase website traffic to product pages which resulted in increased sales. Since Google loves video so much, your decision to place a product video on your product sales page is like giving Google the green light to increase your search engine rankings and deliver more traffic to your page. It’s a win/win.

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3. Consumers are on Mobile

More consumers are watching product videos and product promotions on mobile devices than any other platform.

We’re not spending near as much time in front of the television but that doesn’t mean we aren’t consuming video content! Consumers are using smartphones, tablets, and other devices to consume video content more than ever before. Deliver product videos to the mobile devices consumers are using to get in front of a wider audience and increase sales for your brand.

4. All Products Look Better on Video

Products can be difficult to explain in words. Visually, things like food and fashion simply are more appealing than they would be in words. Video works for all products! From consumable products to health products, fashion to technology, you’ll sell more when you deliver product videos that help your audience to visually understand your brand and the products you offer.

5. Google Loves Video

Want to rank higher in search engines and get more traffic to your product pages? Include product videos on your website! Yep, that’s all you have to do in order to be 53 times likelier to show up on the first page for your keywords.

It’s literally that easy. Google loves video and we’re seeing more and more that the brands that use product video production to their benefit and include product videos on their money page are ranking on the first page of top search engines, including Google.

Video SEO2.

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