5 Ways Internal Customer Service Training Videos Boost ROI

5 Ways Internal Customer Service Training Videos Boost ROI

Customer service is vital to businesses. At the highest end of the spectrum, great customer service is responsible for increased sales and satisfaction among the brand. At the lowest end, poor customer service can lead to unsatisfied consumers, a bad name for the brand and a lack of sales. If you’re considering customer service training videos to bring your team up to speed but wondering if the content costs are worth the big investment, follow along. We’re showing you how internal customer service training videos are boosting ROI for businesses in various ways. 5 Ways Internal Customer Service Training Videos Boost ROI.

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  • 1.Customer Service Training Videos Improve Staff

You may think, customer service training videos can’t possibly be worth the investment. There’s no way they will deliver value to our staff and to our consumers too. But the do! In fact, customer service training videos will improve staff motivation, skill set, and knowledge so that they can better help your customers. A staff with higher confidence will be more apt to work well together and deliver an exceptional experience for your consumer which will be seen in increased revenue for your brand.

CSR videos motivate staff to care about consumers and to want to help. Staff members that have received video based customer service training are more likely to go the extra mile to help customers out. They have a stronger understanding of how customers work, what they can do to solve problems, and how their conduct plays a role in the ROI of the brand.

  • 2. Customer Service Training Videos Improve Customer Satisfaction


Another way that CSR training videos help to boost ROI is through the increased or improved customer satisfaction that comes when trained professionals work for your brand. Staff that receive customer service training via video will make the customer feel valued, respected and cherished by your brand. In return, the customer will stick around, spend more and share their experience with others. 

  • 3. Customer Service Training Increases Profit

Videos that deliver customer service training can result in increased profits for your brand. In fact, a confident customer service team will help you to achieve higher customer retention, higher acquisition of new customers and higher bottom line sales. All of this results in greater profit for your brand!

  • 4. Customer Service Training Videos Improve Reputation

Your brand reputation is delivered in part by your customer service professionals. The steps that you take to train them will play a key role in the reputation that your business has with the consumer. You can deliver great training through customer service training videos that engage and captivate your employees so that they will retain 90% of the information or more, or you could deliver training via written text which will likely be thrown to the side, not read or digested at all. Which will it be?

Delivering training via video allows you to share great customer experiences with employees as well as to show them what a poor experience looks like. In the long run, the improvements in customer service that come from your team being properly trained will result in increased brand reputation and a stronger sense of satisfaction from customers that interact with your business.

Ready to put customer service training videos on your onboarding list? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call to discuss the steps to creating powerful customer service training videos that will engage your employees and train them the way you want them to go. 

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