6 Steps For Successful Industrial Training Video Production

6 Steps for Successful Industrial Training Video Production

Delivering industrial training videos that help to keep employees interested and engaged while they learn industrial practices to keep your business working at precision standards is key to success. These 6 steps for successful industrial training video production guide the way from pre-production discussions about the video concept and storyboard through post-production editing to ensure an appropriate story line.

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Follow along for industrial training video production tips from start to finish.

1. Define Core Message

The first step to producing successful industrial training videos is to define the core message to be delivered. Core messages should be delivered in 2-7-minute videos.

Longer videos risk losing the attention of the audience and potentially a lack of information recall as a result. Keep employees engaged by delivering a core message that is targeted to their needs.

2. Know the Audience

You’re creating industrial training videos for a specific employee audience; do you know them closely? You need to present information that these employees will commit to their long-term memory.

To do so, it’s crucial that you know the audience and speaks to them in a way that they will resonate with. Gender-inclusive language, age-appropriate language, and corporate references where appropriate can all help to deliver the content in a way that helps them relate.

Industrial Training Video Production

3. Define Style

Which style will you use in your industrial training video production? These videos should deliver the message in a way that the audience will engage with.

Maybe it’s a talking head with a recognizable face from the corporation, or perhaps it’s an animation? Mix and match styles to come up with a style that works for your brand.

4. Rehearse the Script

The script should focus on the audience, and it should be revised several times in order to make it as meaningful and short, engaging, and informative as possible.

Industrial training video production requires a script that will deliver an engaging training session to employees in an upbeat, lively manner. You want employees to remember what they are learning and to have fun doing it.

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5. Film & Edit Video

The next step in industrial training video production is to film the footage and edit for the final video cut. At this point, your video plans are ready, and you’re putting it all together. Pay close attention when filming to ensure you capture proper lighting and audio for top quality content.

External Set Of Eyes 

During editing, graphics can be used to bring the video to life. Just make sure you have an external editor help you bring it all together. Sometimes having an external set of eyes is best at this point. They’ll be able to see any potential mishaps or areas of improvement that are needed.

6. Distribute & Evaluate Success

Once your industrial training video production steps are complete, you can distribute the video to the necessary employees for training. The success of the video is determined by the total engagement and performance of employees after they watch the training content.

A great industrial training video has the power to reduce employee training time, increase productivity, and improve work performance. 

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