Top Ways to Use Live Video Streaming for Business

If you’re looking for simple ways that you can start engaging in live video streaming for business that will help you accelerate your brand, we’ve got you covered! Live streaming technology is quickly taking businesses to the next level and you definitely don’t want to be left in the dust! Whether you’re live streaming on your own website, or a third-party platform such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitch, now is the time to capitalize on the trends that involve live video streaming for business.

This industry is expected to reach more than $180B in the next 5 years. What does that mean for your business? It means that if you’re not finding ways to incorporate live video streaming for business into your marketing routines, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity! This is your chance to start perfecting your live streaming processes now, so that as the trend continues and revenues from this form of content production grow, you’re prepared to take advantage of all the opportunities that become available to you and your business.

To help you get started, we’ve got a list of ways that you can use live video streaming for your business.

  1. Host Live Q&A Sessions

One of the most popular forms of live video streaming for business owners right now is the live Q&A session. Consumers love this because it gives them a chance to ask brand owners anything and everything and provides an opportunity for the consumer to get to know the business owner on a more personal level. Whether you host a live Q&A session from your home, office, or on the road, the purpose is to give your audience a little bit of your own personal time and to allow them to ask you anything they want. 

To maximize your success with this approach, make sure that you:

  • Are open and honest with your audience.
  • Allow your audience to ask you anything.
  • Engage and have fun with it.
  • Educate and entertain your audience with your answers. 

The purpose here is to have fun and engage with your audience.

  1. Live Tutorials or Demonstrations

Do you sell a product or service that your audience could benefit from learning how to use hands-on?  Providing live tutorials or demonstrations of your product or services in action is another great way that you can use live video streaming for business. Just make sure that you’re using the livestream as a way of engaging your audience and showing them how to maximize their use of a product or service, or that you’re providing a tutorial that they couldn’t otherwise have access to if you didn’t provide it. Make it interesting!

To maximize your success with this live stream approach, make sure that you:

  • Provide valuable insights into how to use or perform the task that you’re sharing.
  • Offer the products, services, or items that are utilized in your live stream for sale during the stream.
  • Share the live stream across the most appropriate social media verticals to ensure audience engagement.

There are tons of ways that you can provide tutorials to your audience, just get creative with the process and again, have fun and engage with your viewers!

  1. Behind-the-Scenes Live Streaming

Consumers love to know what happens behind closed doors, especially when we’re talking about what happens behind-the-closed doors of a business or brand that they think is interesting. Sharing a behind-the-scenes look at your business is a great way to draw a larger audience to your content and to humanize your brand. Just make sure that you’re showing an unscripted, unrehearsed version or else be prepared for your audience to call your bluff!

To maximize your success with this live stream approach, make sure that you:

  • Demonstrate the reality of what goes on behind closed doors at your business, don’t use a scripted view!
  • Show the human faces behind the projects that your audience is most interested in. Audience members will appreciate the personalization and the human element of seeing the faces behind the brand.
  • Be careful not to give away any of your trade secrets when you approach the process. 

Your audience is going to enjoy seeing happy faces behind the brand, be creative and have fun with the engagement between your brand and your audience.

  1. Live Interviews

Whether you’re interviewing the CEO and top professionals in your business, or you opt to interview top professionals within your industry, consumers enjoy learning about the people behind your brand as well as those behind your niche or industry. Using live video streaming for business that includes engaging interviews is a great way to prove your industry authority on a particular subject.

To maximize your success with this live stream approach, just make sure that you:

  • Are honest with the interview answers provided. 
  • Allow the audience to ask questions for added engagement.
  • Consider incorporating other engagement opportunities into the interview. 

Live interviews are generally fun for the audience and for the interviewee, especially when plenty of opportunities for engagement are intertwined into the process.

  1. Live Launches

Whether it’s a product launch, the launch of a new business, or just launching a new campaign, consumers love to engage in the live streaming of your latest launch event. This technique is one of many live video streaming for business opportunities that brands can use to convert viewers into paying customers. Just be sure to incorporate live sales streaming into the mix!

To maximize your success with this live stream approach, be sure that you:

  • Promote the launch ahead of time.
  • Have plenty of engagement opportunities prepared for your audience.
  • Consider the use of flash sales or other interactive events during the stream to maximize conversions.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that live streaming for business can be used to your advantage. All you have to do is pick and choose the most appropriate live streaming opportunities for your brand and go with it! For help initiating your live stream broadcast, give Beverly Boy Productions a call!

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