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When you need to plan for a funeral, you may find it very difficult to have everyone together. Things like sickness or travel issues could make it impossible to bring the whole circle of loved ones together. In these kinds of circumstances, Funeral Live Streaming Services in Olympia could be beneficial for you and your loved ones.


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Live streaming technology is something that many funeral homes are offering at this time, understanding that it can provided extra support for loved ones who are grieving far from home. With this tech, you and yours can be present at a funeral service on your phone or laptop.

Live Streaming Funeral Services Keep Families Connected

It is not uncommon for loved ones to be far from their hometown in this day and age. Jobs and relationships are just a couple of reasons why loved ones may not be in the same place. Technology has been especially beneficial in keeping people together despite the distance between them.

Live stream technology in particular allows people to feel like they’re present at events, even if they’re thousands of miles away. With almost 20 years of use, live stream services are typically used for concerts or graduations, but recently have become more popular for funerals.

Global Reach for Grieving Friends & Family Members

Funeral Live Streaming Services in Olympia allow those who are spread around the world to still find peace and connection with friends and family members at a funeral service, thanks to the global reach it provides.  

Helpful Aspect of Funeral Live Streaming

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The live stream service will be shared over a closed network, so it’s just a private experience for you and your loved ones. With 20% of funeral homes providing this service, you can see how it’s become more common for funeral services since the pandemic started. Funeral Live Streaming Services in Olympia provide benefits in these ways:

  • Preparing a funeral service as quickly as possible isn’t easy if you have loved ones who live across the globe.
  • Filming a service allows to have saved footage. There are numerous reasons to keep footage from a live stream service.
  • Attending a service online allows you to connect with others who are attending online as well so you can find support through each other.
  • If you’re a parent, you may not be ready to bring the kids to a funeral. With live stream services, you can be present while keeping the kids away from grief at this time.
  • As you grieve and go through the various stages of grief, it’s important to attend a funeral. Live stream services allow you to be present, even when you can’t be ther ein person.

At Beverly Boy Productions, our team is here to provide the best Funeral Live Streaming Services in Olympia. We know that it can be challenging to be near your loved ones during times of grief, which is why we’re here to provide the support you may need at this time. Contact us today!

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