Columbus Live Web Streaming

Columbus Live Web Streaming 

Navigating Columbus Live Web Streaming can be challenging. We know that difficulties arise, but when you need to do an event, message, presentation, and stream it to your audience, you know that Beverly Boy Productions can make it happen. We use the best software for publishing, understand the input process, and work on ensuring that you use the right amount of RAM and evaluate the upload speed. From start to finish, we make sure that your streaming project is a success, and we’ll walk you through it all.

Ohio Live streaming personnel

The Ohio Live streaming personnel that plays an important role in each project is our Technical Director. A logistics coordinator in a way, they make sure that all the technicalities are taken care of for your live stream. They check to see that the software is adequate, and that you have the equipment needed to capture footage. They also check to see if we need a Duel or a Quad processor and how much GB of RAM is ideal for top quality. The TD measures the upload speed against what may be needed, such as where is the reach and how much horsepower is required. They work with the audio team to make sure that the omnidirectional mic is working as it should. Technical Directors know how to make a viewing experience a successful one for your audience.

Columbus Live streaming service provider

As you try to find a Columbus Live streaming service provider, rest assured that you’ll have popular providers to choose from, like, Twitch.TV, and YouTube Live. Many offer similar features, such as the option for PIP while others allow you to display graphs and images during the live feed while toggling between the two. We know it’s a lot to consider, so our crew will take care of all the ins and outs, so you can have a stress-free experience. We also have the option for bonded streaming which allows for compatibility with your Cellular 4G, Wi-Fi, USB modem, and Ethernet. We offer the quality that you can trust.

Camera Gear for Professional Live Streaming

A live stream on your phone is different than live streaming for an event. While cameras can get decent resolution, you want to use top Camera Gear for Professional Live Streaming. With top cameras like the Sony FS7 or the Panasonic GH5, or better, the operator is able to get better angles for a great viewing experience for your audience. These cameras also have cool features like slow-motion and more, so you can do something unique with your live stream when using top-quality gear.

Great locations for Columbus live streams

Columbus, Ohio is a city with plenty of venues for your Columbus Live Streams. A top location is the Quest Conference Center, located on Pulsar PL. It is an ideal spot for your corporate function or training event. The Columbus State Conference Center may be the perfect option for streaming a business gathering or seminar while the Greater Columbus Convention Center is often used for almost anything you can think of. The city is full of classy venues that can work well for your Columbus Live Stream.

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