8 Questions to Ask Before Live Streaming an Event

Live streaming an event is a great option if you have audience members that would be interested in the content of your event but simply cannot manage to attend in person for various reasons. Whether your event venue is too small, or too remote, or there’s some other reason that your potential audience cannot attend, consider asking these 8 questions before live streaming an event to make sure you’re prepared for the task.

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These questions will help you to ensure that you’re hiring the best live stream event video production company for the job. You certainly don’t want to hire someone only to find out after the event is over that the live stream services were subpar.

Choose quality and make sure you’re asking the right questions to ensure the best possible live stream event production services. Here’s what you need to ask.

1. Are you Fully Prepared for Live Streaming Services?

With live streaming a relatively new feature many video production companies simply don’t specialize in this form of production. So, you need to ask! Ask them if they are set up to provide live streaming services or not.

2. Can you Stream to the Platform we want to use?

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Some live streaming services will only allow you to stream to a particular platform that they have contracted with. So if you want to stream on Facebook Live, or YouTube or via a custom server of your own accord, you’ll need to ask the live streaming production crew if that will be possible.

3. Will You Provide Technical Support as Needed?

If you’re new to live streaming events, you can almost guarantee there will be a need for some technical support. In fact, even if you’ve live streamed before you may still run into various technical difficulties that are best handled quickly and with ease.

Ask the live streaming crew if they will provide tech support and make sure that it will be provided in real-time so that you don’t find your live stream down for the count.

4. Will You Operate the Live Stream For Us During the Event?

If you’re holding a live event, chances are you will be very busy during the event. You’ll want to ask the production company if they will operate the live stream while you’re busy or if that is something that you’ll need to prepare for.

5. Is Internet Connection Required or will 4G Work?

In places where WiFi is unavailable, you’ll need to know what internet capabilities are required to ensure your live stream is captured and delivered to the external audience.

Whether 4G or 5G, discuss the technical needs with the production crew in advance and prepare for any potential connectivity issues now instead of when the live stream is set to take place.

6. Is Your Camera Equipment Broadcast Quality?

You’re paying a professional to live stream the event, so you really should have professional equipment. Ask about the type of equipment to make sure that they will be using top-quality gear. Now is not the time to hire someone to use their iPhone to live stream your big event.

7. How Many Cameras Will be Set Up During the Live Stream?

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Another great question, this one will help you to determine the quality of the end video that you are delivering to your audience. Multiple cameras with equipment to switch views in real time will make for the most professional and engaging view. And, should one camera go down, there will be at least one backup this way.

8. Can Text Graphics be Included in an Overlay?

You’ll want to know how graphics will work during your live stream. Ask your live stream video production company if they can incorporate graphics into the live stream and how it will work.

If you intend to share PowerPoint presentations, ask specifically about those as well. Now is the time to get all of the details hammered out so that they are no surprises later on.

Beverly Boy Productions provides top quality professional live streaming production services for events large and small. Give us a call at 888-462-7808 to discuss live streaming your next big event!

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