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Call to Action Tips for Strong Video Endings

It’s very common for businesses to put a lot of time, effort and hard work into the main content of a video and then to rush the end and pay little attention to the finesse of the call to action. However, if you want your video content to clearly connect with your audience and compel them to take action, you must deliver a unique CTA that is emotionally compelling. Follow these call to action tips for strong video endings that will compel your audience to take action.

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Strong CTAs

The types of CTAs that you include in the end of your video will make or break conversion rates for your content. Different types of call-to-action comments should be used for different videos. For instance:

  • Youtube videos should include a call-to-action that compels the user to click the link which will lead them back to your website. Don’t lead them to another Youtube video or ask them to “visit the website” – help them make it to your website by including a clickable link that directs them to the page you want them to be on.
  • Website videos should include a call-to-action that tells exactly what the next steps should be. Do you want them to fill out a form? Provide it to them. Do you want them to call? Offer the phone number. Do you want them to see something else on your website? Link them to the appropriate page. Do not leave the consumer guessing what he or she should do next.

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Creative CTAs

So many CTAs simply say “Call us to learn more,” or “Email us for more information.” These may work, especially if you had highly compelling video content leading up to the CTA, but sometimes a “call now” or “email now” CTA is just too generic to result in the conversions you want to see. Creative CTAs can be must stronger and less likely to be overlooked or ignored. For instance:

  • Ask the viewer a question and invite them to be part of the conversation on social media posts. This is just like saying, “Comment below” but doing so can hurt your social post rankings (you’re not really supposed to tell users on social media to comment anymore, Facebook doesn’t like this and some of the other social platforms don’t either) and is often ignored by the viewer. However, a compelling question and the idea of interaction on social media with others that also had strong opinions on a specific topic can pump the viewer up making him or her excited to respond.
  • Offer something for free as a thank you for signing up. Everyone loves free stuff! Instead of asking the viewer to fill out a form, structure your CTA in a way that offers something for free if they fill the form. For example, you could say, “enter your information for a free trial subscription,” or “enter to win” and then offer a gift of some sort as part of a promotional giveaway. Both will generate responses, form fills or the desired behavior for the free item.
  • Shorten the form fields to maximum conversions. Many forms have an elaborate list of fields that must be filled in before the form is complete and able to send through. But do you really need to know Aunt Betty’s second cousin’s last name and the address she lived at 10 years ago in order to benefit from the information that the visitors provided to you? Probably not! Consider shortening the form so that you only collect the information that is vital and so that more people will fill it out.
  • Offer Webinar signup. Although this is a very direct means of compelling your audience to take action, it can work. This is especially helpful if you offer a webinar to assist consumers in understanding the features of your product or service and how they provide a solution to their problem. Show a video that offers a short glimpse into the product or service and then include a CTA at the end that tells them to sign up for the webinar to truly learn what your product or service can do for them.

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How Carefully Crafted CTAs Lead to Strong Video Endings

You cannot expect a consumer to do what you want if you don’t tell them what that is. Carefully crafted CTAs that connect with the audience and tell them what you want them to do in a way that is encouraging and compelling will result in higher conversions. Additionally, the easier you can make it for the consumer to take the next desired step in your sales funnel, the more likely they are to do so. The strongest video endings include a practical, compelling and easy to understand call to action.

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