6 Cleveland Interview Video Production Tips from a 20 Year Veteran Brand

6 Cleveland Interview Video Production Tips from a 20 Year Veteran Brand

As a veteran production company with more than two decades in the industry and countless years of experience combined among our many teams both locally in the Cleveland area and worldwide, Beverly Boy Productions knows a thing or two about producing interview videos. That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips that will help you be successful with a Cleveland interview video production project that you decide to create. And, even if you haven’t decided to produce an interview video yet, we’re confident that these tips and individual benefits of using interview videos for business will help you get in the right path for your brand.

Corporate interview videos are some of the most valuable forms of content to make for a business or brand, and they’re incredibly versatile too. Whether you’re filming a genuine customer response about your business or brand that will be used as a testimonial or case study, or you’re filming an interview with your top employees such as the CEO, CFO, or other members of the team to share details about your corporate message and values, this type of content will help your brand stand out while creating a more humanized approach to marketing directly to your target audience. 

Checkout these tips from the professionals at Team Beverly Boy if you’re considering interview videos for your marketing campaigns:

  1. Highlight Recent Accomplishments with an Interview Video to Boost Audience Interest

One of the best ways to pique the interest of your audience is to showcase key details about your business or brand that will make them hungry for more detail. A Cleveland interview video production company can assist you in creating this sense of hunger for content by producing an interview video that highlights recent accomplishments in a way that shows how your brand is involved, what happened, and briefly touches on the outcome without deep diving into the accomplishment fully – the goal, to draw interest so that your audience will reach out to learn more.

  1. Use Multi-Party Interviews to Show Off Team Players

One of the best ways to pique the interest of an audience that you might be targeting if you’re looking to hire new members of your team is to use a multi-party interview video that shows off key areas of interest about the business, its culture, and who the key players are in a way that makes the brand come across as fun and engaging to interact with. Show off your team, and your team spirit!

  1. Interview Videos are Great for Sharing Corporate Culture & Values

If your brand is really big on corporate culture, and your values are the key components of everything your team does each day, consider an interview video that represents these core values, the missions behind your business, and the underlying corporate culture of your brand in order to drawn in the interest of consumers that might be more likely to purchase from a brand that has strong core values. This is a great way to impress your audience and to build a following for your team.

  1. Use Interview Videos to Show Off the Philanthropic Initiatives of Your Business

This is particularly true if you’re a non-profit business or if you’re a brand that does a lot of philanthropic work! Using interview videos that share the details of your philanthropic initiatives with the world will help you to generate an audience following, especially on social media, and it can be a great way to create a positive brand recognition among a particular type of audience such as those who are invested into businesses like this or those who believe that philanthropy is important to a brand’s overall structure.

  1. Technical Interviews Make Your Brand the Authority or Expert

Are you a healthcare provider, technician, or similar expert? If so, technical interviews with some of the most important people or names in your industry will help you to build up the authority and expert recognition in your niche that will make your business popular across social media and online. All you have to do is find subject matter experts to interview, or interview those within your business to get started.

Beverly Boy camera crew

  1. Is Your Brand Dealing with a PR Issue? Go Public Right Away!

If your brand or business has recently faced a PR issue that has your audience feeling uneasy, the best thing you can do is to go public right away. An interview with your CEO, or any department head, that represents the issue at hand and will be honest about your business’s role in the matter is vital. This will keep your audience from making up their own opinions of what’s going on before you are able to clear the air.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways that working closely with a Cleveland interview video production company can benefit your business, at all stages of business and in marketing as well as in corporate communications. To learn more about producing interview videos with the professionals at Beverly Boy Productions, give us a call.

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