Top 8 Miami Film Studios

Top 8 Miami Film Studios You Should Consider For Your Project

In need of top Miami film studios? We have put together some of the best options in town. There are several as the film and video production industry in Miami, Florida has grown over the past 15 years. The demand for video content for social media marketing and online content, in general, has had many production houses start answering the call. Whether you want to film a social media video or a tv spot for branded content, this list compiles a handful of local city studios and sound stages that you can rent for your video production.


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Whether your project calls for a large green screen studio or a plain white cyc wall, Miami has some great options for you. From top cameras to professional stage lighting, your Miami production team will be taken care of by anyone of these Miami production studios. So in no particular order, check out our list and see if you find the right studio for your needs.

1. Aperture Studios Miami

With two studios to rent, each one equipped with everything you could need, you can have the options you need for anything from scenes to food shoots and more. With more than 25 years in the industry, they know what they’re doing and are a reliable option in the city.

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385 NE 59th St
Miami, Fl, 33137

2. Splashlight

Where space meets good lighting and all of the amenities that you need, Splashlight is an ideal option for your project. Unique, high-end, and set up for success, if you want to hire a studio that makes it easy, this could be it for you.

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167 NE 26th St

Miami, FL 33137

3. Maps Production House Studios

When you want Cyc walls, catering areas for your shoot, and so much more, Maps offers versatility and reliability for your project. There are indoor spots and outdoor sets for your project, so you can shoot however and whatever you may need with Maps.

Phone Number:



212 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach, FL 33139

4. M3 Studios Miami

M3 Studios offers experience, as they’ve been around for a while now. Many production teams know that if they want quality, M3 Studios Miami doesn’t disappoint. From the 4 parking lots to CYC walls and office space, you can rent everything you need for your shoot with them.

Phone Number:



4000 NW 36th Ave
Miami, Fl 33142

Miami, a beautiful city to rent a film studio for your video project

Miami Video production company

If you consider filming outside of a studio the city of Miami has great locations that could work for your film project. Take Ocean Drive, an all-time favorite area in the city that has everything from a popping nightlife to amazing art deco architecture. Miami also offers great locations to feed your camera crew once filming is complete, like KYU, a unique Asian/BBQ restaurant on 25th St. Miami, Florida is also film friendly contact the local city film office for information on film permits and local accessibility. This list of top Miami film studios should make your search easier.

5. Film Studios Miami

If you want space, you’ll get space at Film Studios Miami, where there is plenty of it at the 6,000 sq. ft. facility with everything from options for outdoor filming and free parking. Located conveniently in Design District, you don’t have to go far to be able to film your TV spot or scenes for an independent film.

Phone Number:



4151 NW 2nd Ave

Miami, FL 33127

6. Ice Palace Studios

Ice Palace Studios has been used for all kinds of popular video projects, from music videos to film. It offers the quality that high-end projects call for. It was once a 1920’s ice plant, so you can be sure that the studio itself is unique, as are the ways that the stages are constructed.

Phone Number:



59 NW 14th St

Miami, FL 33136

7. EUE/Screen Gems

This is the kind of facility you need for a large production project. Not every studio in the area is prepared for complex shoots, but this one is, with the two-stage, 88,000 sq. ft facility that is full of all the equipment and areas one would need for a large-scale production.

Phone Number:



50 NW 14th St

Miami, FL 33136

8. HD House

Great equipment, great features, top quality equipment, and ideal rates make HD House a favorite Miami film studio. If you’re looking for an option that delivers quality in every way so that you can have a top-quality production, HD House is full of the amenities and equipment you need.

Phone Number:



6308 NW 77th Ct

Miami, FL 33166

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