Tips on Filming a Successful Music Video

Tips on Filming a Successful Music Video

There are so many different steps to filming a successful music video. From the initial, “Hey I want to film a music video,” to the final credits, making a music video takes an entire creative team to see the vision through. We’re outlining the following tips on filming a successful music video for your band.

  1. Outline Expectations & Stay Within Guidelines

Perception is skewed when it comes to the amount of time, money and effort it takes to create video content. If you’re considering a music video, be sure you don’t get in over your head with a project that you do not know enough about to complete. Contact a production agency like Beverly Boy Productions to help you from the pre-production to post-production and everywhere in between.

Communicate the concept that you are trying to deliver and discuss what is and is not possible. Clients should realize that every project has a set of expectations and guidelines from which it should grow. To goal is to produce a successful music video and to make lasting relationships with hard working people along the way.

  1. Think Outside the Box

Beyond the music video, what else do you know about the artist? Is the artist an established rapper that already has millions of fans? Or, are they an up and coming country music star with very little time on the charts–so far? Gaining a solid understanding of the artist, what they like and dislike, what they have accomplished and haven’t, and the style, genre and other key elements of the artist demographics will help you to tailor a video that exceeds their expectations.

Consider what you can do to help create a unique video that will stand out rather than blending in with the billions of other videos posted each day. If you can be creative and unique while delivering the artists’ creative vision, you will most certainly succeed with the music video film.

  1. Keep Plans Simply & Open to Change

Like any creative project, music videos require a healthy balance of input from both the artist and the video production agency. It is important to flesh out the main ideas of the video but to leave room for improvement and improvisation. Let the artist use his or her creative vision to improvise as the music video production takes place. The footage will be more genuine and fun for viewers while the finished project stands out as being more unique. You can’t make these things up!

  1. Gather Up Plenty of Footage Before Editing

Successful music videos require a backlog of footage for optimal results. Make sure you have plenty of performance footage from varied setups and b-roll content that speaks to the lives of the performance artists while offering an added way for viewers to emotionally connect. Doing so will allow you to edit in footage that keeps viewers engaged.

Follow these tips on filming successful music video footage for your project. With plenty of creativity, and a plan in place, you too can create quality films that will succeed.

Here’s a music video Team Beverly Boy produced for Los Cadillacs

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