Funeral Live Streaming Services in San Leandro

When tragedy happens, it’s helpful to be close to loved ones. As challenging as it may be to come together in person right now, Funeral Live Streaming Services in San Leandro could be the way you stay connected at times likes this.

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Live streaming technology is being offered by funeral homes as added support for those who are dealing with grief. With the understanding that no one should grieve alone, this service makes it possible for everyone in your circle to attend the service, even if it’s from their home or office in another city or state.

Live Streaming Funeral Services Keep Families Connected

A relationship could take you to another country while a job may have you living in another state. We often end up far from home, but technology can help to keep us close. No matter the distance, things like live stream technology help to keep us connected.


Live stream tech has been around for over a decade, but it’s only recently started becoming used in the funeral industry. It helps to keep people connected during a very difficult time, providing support for those who can’t be close at this time. At first glance, some could see it as inappropriate, but it’s actually quite beneficial.

Global Reach for Grieving Friends & Family Members

Funeral Live Streaming Services in San Leandro offer a global reach, so no matter where you may be in the country or world, you can still attend the funeral of a loved one and be close to your family.

Helpful Aspect of Funeral Live Streaming


A live stream funeral may seem inappropriate, but the reality is that it can be helpful for you and yours to connect in this way. There are over 20% of funeral homes offering this service in the nation, and as a funeral can be streamed over a private network, it can be a closed affair as it should be.

Funeral Live Streaming Services in San Leandro offer these benefits:

-Preparing for a funeral quickly can be important for those in some religions. While it may be hard to do so with family across the globe, these services make it possible.

-You can keep the footage from the live stream so if you need it for any reason, you have it.

-Being able to communicate with your loved ones at the funeral is helpful for your grief. Live stream technology allows you to chat with others who are attending remotely so you get the support you need.

-If you’re a parent, you may want to keep the kids at home. But you can still attend, thanks to this technology.

-If you want to say your goodbyes and process your grief, attending a funeral is important. However, when it’s impossible to be there in person, attending the live stream can still be helpful.

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At Beverly Boy Productions, we can help you through this time by providing the supportive Funeral Live Streaming Services in San Leandro. As challenging as it is to bring your loved ones together, this technology makes it possible for you to stay connected, no matter what. Call us today to discuss your needs.

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