Everything You Need to Know about Video Demo Reel Services

Producing a demo reel is something that many creators, talented actors, and even businesses consider for building awareness and presenting their best highlights to a target audience. Unfortunately, understanding exactly what is offered or being presented by video demo reel services can be particularly challenging, especially for someone that’s new to the creation of this kind of video content. Hiring the right service provider thus presents another challenge that you might not quite be prepared for. 

At Beverly Boy Productions, we specialize in producing video demo reels and have spent the last 20 years providing video demo reel services for those in the entertainment industry. Our exceptional video demo reel production and editing services will bring your demo reel project from script to final delivery with great success. Not only are we committed to providing you exception craftsmanship and quality, but it is our goal to showcase your talents the way we would want our own talents showcased!

To help you understand video demo reel services and the benefits that come from hiring a professional to help you create your demo reel, we’ve put together this guide. 

What is a Video Demo Reel?

A video demo reel, or just a demo reel, is a video highlight of your most important features or skills that includes a mix of live-action b-roll footage, mixed media, and video clips that are synchronized to fast-paced music and narration that delivers important information about your expertise and experience to the audience. It’s kind of like a video pitch, that represents your talent and achievements, and showcases your skills and abilities to the world.

If you’ve never produced a demo reel before, the process can be complicated, particularly because it begins long before the actual video creation takes place. In fact, most creative artists will begin recording footage for their demo reels long before they hire a production company to help them finalize their video. This is because it’s important to capture highlights of your work, skills, and past projects which can then be compiled into the demo reel of your dreams!

Video Demo Reel Production Services

When you’re ready to produce your video demo reel, you’re likely to hire a professional production company that specializes in providing video demo reel services. They’ll understand the important elements that go into producing a captivating demo reel that will entertain your audience and pique their interest in you!

The production process will then be underway. Generally, video demo reel production requires the following steps:

  • Pre-production script writing and planning of location and filming needs. This includes gathering up any existing footage that will be used to produce the reel.
  • Production of the demo reel. This includes filming any additional footage required as well as shooting b-roll that can be used to support the storyline or theme of the demo reel.
  • Post production editing of the demo reel. This includes the addition of graphics, animations, the coordination of synchronized music and the final output of your demo reel.

As you can see, if you’ve never produced a video demo reel before, you’re probably going to find it best that you hire a professional production company to work with on the reel. 

Considerations when Hiring Video Demo Reel Services 

We mentioned earlier that it could be trick to hire a production company to provide video demo reel services for you, particularly if you’re not sure what you’re looking for or you’re not familiar with the process. Because your demo reel highlights your achievements and skills and acts a direct reflection of your abilities, it’s important to hire a professional demo reel producer that is going to get to work for you in creating a reel that does justice for you and your brand. 

Before hiring video demo reel services providers, consider the following:

  • Make sure the filmmaker has experience in the production of video demo reels.
  • Make sure that the filmmaker uses the latest techniques and technology when filming.
  • Make sure that the filmmaker has access to industry specific equipment.
  • Make sure that they are committed to quality production of your project.

How can you be sure of all of this? You’ve got to do your homework! Before choosing the video demo reel services that are most suitable for you to work with, be sure to do some research and ask around. If you’ve seen some demo reels that you like, save those and reach out to the original producer or, at bare minimum ask the production company that you’re considering for hire if they have produced anything similar in the past?

It’s also important to check reviews and testimonials from past clients, particularly those who had a video demo reel produced by the production company before. You want to know that past clients were not only satisfied with the work provided to them, but that they had a good working relationship with the crew. A poor relationship, or dissatisfaction overall, could be a potential red flag!

Ready to get started with the video demo reel production of your dreams? Beverly Boy Productions provides video demo reel services throughout the United States as well as in many other major countries worldwide. Give us a call to learn more about producing a demo reel that showcases your best features and abilities to the world!

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