A Working Customer Testimonial Template for All Business Owners to Follow

Customer testimonial videos are some of the most important forms of marketing content your brand can invest in. Not only do 95% of consumers look to reviews to influence their purchase decisions, but 9 out of 10 actually believe and trust in what they hear from another customer more so than they even trust what the brand itself has to say about itself. Customer testimonials can take many different forms, so as a business owner you need a working customer testimonial template that you can use to create customer testimonial videos from scratch without them chewing up a ton of your time.

The endorsement that your customers are willing and ready to share about your business can drive your leads closer to a deal. With so many different types of customer testimonials, including product testimonials, service testimonials, and high level research case study testimonials, having a working customer testimonial template that your business can use for each style of testimonial video is an excellent way to streamline the production process saving your brand time and money.

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Product Testimonial Template

The customer testimonial that focuses on sharing key details about the relationship your business has with a customer who is satisfied with their purchase of a product that you offer can help to generate awareness among prospective customers and it can build trust that will lead to higher conversions and sales. Because most product testimonials require the same kinds of data inputs in order for your audience to appreciate the information that you or your customers want to share, creating a customer testimonial template that outlines these details is pretty straightforward.

The primary goal of your product testimonial is to highlight the core offering of benefits that the product can provide. You’ll want to make sure also to address any potential backlash or objections. Consider the following customer testimonial template for a product testimonial:

  • Start with the product name and a brief introduction of the subject providing the testimonial. You want to build credibility as to why this customer is someone that the audience should listen to.
  • Introduce the key advantage provided by the product. This is where you address the problem that the product was able to solve. 
  • Address any objections that the audience may have. For example, the customer might mention what he or she was worried about leading up to their purchase or any concerns that they had which were overcome.
  • Close with the key emotion that the customer feels, sharing their love for the product and the scenarios in which they use the product to their advantage.

Service Testimonial Template

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If your business provides a service, a customer testimonial template that outlines how to share the key details of the relationship your business has as a service provider to the customer is key. You want the testimonial to share not only what services you provide, but also key details about your service that make it better than the competition. In order to do so, the customer testimonial template for a service provider should look something like this:

  • Start with the business name and an introduction of the service that the business provided. You want the audience to know what services are offered.
  • Introduce the primary problem or situation that the customer was dealing with which made them interested in hiring a service provider. 
  • Address any objections or challenges that the customer may have faced along the way so that your prospects are not concerned about these challenges. This is how you handle rebuttals.
  • Close with key information about how the service has changed the life of the customer, solved their problems, and otherwise been of value.

Case Study Testimonial Template

A case study is an important style of interview that represents core research performed by a business or brand. Often, case studies are the result of two brands collaborating together such as in a B2B deal. The customer testimonial template that is used for a case study interview video is going to describe both your business or brand and the offer it provided as well as the customer and what their experience was with your brand.

The customer testimonial template for a case study testimonial is going to look something like this:

  • Start with the customer name and the name of the business or brand that the customer worked with. Introduce the purpose of the case study testimonial too.
  • Provide information about the customer including, if they are a business, how many people are included in the business, what industry it is in, and other pertinent details. 
  • Introduce the challenge that the business faced and the reason for the brands working together. 
  • Address the impact that the challenge was having on the brand. This is the negative impact experienced by the business prior to engaging in a B2B relationship with the other brand.
  • Address key benefits of the business relationship and the measurable outcome that the brand experienced as a result of working with the other business. You want to provide proven, hard data and results. 

As you can see, there are many different options when it comes to defining an appropriate customer testimonial template depending on the type of customer testimonials that you are trying to create. To learn more, or to get started with a customer testimonial that’s right for your brand, give Beverly Boy Productions a call.

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