A Pittsburgh Customer Testimonial Video Production Company Can Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

Customer testimonial videos are the driving force behind a brand’s ability to generate sales revenue and reach new goals. Many Pittsburgh area business owners realize this, but those who don’t find themselves struggling to make proverbial ends meet. If you’re a Pittsburgh area business owner, hiring a Pittsburgh customer testimonial video production company that can help you build consumer trust, generate heightened awareness, and boost your sales revenue is an important step to take, for sure, but where, and how, do you begin?

If you’re thinking about hiring a production company to help you craft the perfect customer testimonial videos for your brand, you’re certainly on the right path to achieving the growth that your business deserves, but how?

At Beverly Boy Productions, we know a thing or two about what it takes to create customer testimonials that are going to drive up business revenue and sales goals. If you want to achieve new goals for your business, here’s what you need to do.

Create Customer Testimonial Videos to Increase Audience Retention 

Do you already have an audience that is interested in what you have to share about your business or your brand? Hiring a Pittsburgh customer testimonial video production company that can produce testimonial videos that showcase your brand’s value and benefits can help you to increase your audience retention rate. Statistics prove that video has a 95% retention rate compared to about 20% for written work. So if you’ve got important things to say, use video so that your audience will retain what they hear.

Use Customer Testimonial Videos to Trigger Emotional Connections

A professional film crew will understand exactly how this is done. The goal is to create a customer testimonial video that is going to trigger emotional connections between your brand and your target audience. The connections you create will trigger your audience to trust in your business, to share their trust with others, and to encourage people to follow along with them on their journey with your brand. It’s a win/win.

Build Trust in your Brand that Results in Sales

A Pittsburgh customer testimonial video production company is going to help you build a level of trust in your brand that will almost certainly result in higher sales for you. In fact, studies have proven that as many as 72% of consumers seek customer testimonial videos ahead of time to help them decide whether or not they want to trust in a brand. If they can find videos that show other people like them trust the brand, they too will follow along – it’s called “herd mentality” and it’s similar to what your mom used to say, “if your friends all jumped off a bridge, would you do it?” While the mentality that mom wanted you to have was NOT to follow the pack, the mentality that people have online is to directly follow the pack, so if your brand shows others loving your business, more people will follow along.

Videos Convert More Leads than Other Forms of Content

Hiring a Pittsburgh customer testimonial video production company to work with is essential if not for the herd mentality and the trust building, for the fact that videos have the natural power to convert more leads. People that see video representing a brand are more likely to tell others about what they saw in the video. Therefore, if your video is of a customer sharing their love and success with the brand, others will want to share about their love and success with the brand. If you want to convert more leads into paying customers, you need to generate more customer testimonial videos that are going to stand out to the people that are interested in your brand.

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Testimonial Videos Boost Social Proof & Shares

Finally, one of the leading ways that a Pittsburgh customer testimonial video production company can help you to achieve your business goals is on social media. Sharing customer testimonial videos on social media will boost social proof across Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Tik Tok as well as any other social media platform, too. The more people see your videos, the stronger your social proof will be. The stronger your social proof is, the more people are going to share your content. This domino effect is what leads to increased conversions for your business and ultimately improving your ability to reach your business goals.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we take the production of customer testimonial videos very seriously, and we know how important this is for the business or brand that we work with. If you’re ready to hire a Pittsburgh customer testimonial video production company that’s going to actively work to help you achieve your business goals, give us a call! 

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