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6 Tips on Creating Effective Training Videos

Are you wondering how to create effective training videos for your business or brand? Have you created videos in the past that simply did not engage your workers? Let use help you follow these 6 tips on creating effective training videos that work for your brand.

Training videos create a stronger recognition for what is needed at work while showing the employees point blank what is expected of them. If you create training videos that are engaging and effective, you will see maximum returns in the form of fewer hours needed in person training and fewer mistakes made in production. But excellent training content takes time and effort.

Step 1. Determine WHY You are Creating the Video

Why do you want to create a training video? If it’s just as easy to train in person, and your trainees don’t make any mistakes with the training as it is received, do you really have a need for a video? Probably not. Likewise, if you see that trainees often have a lot of the same questions, even after they receive in person training, maybe you see that creating a video could help.

Figure out why you are creating the video and what you will show to outline the goals and objectives clearly. Before you begin filming, be sure you have a clear path.

Step 2. Decide What to Say

You don’t need to repeat everything and you certainly don’t want to sound boring, so saying the obvious is likely a bad decision. Instead, when creating your training video, consider saying the things that you struggle to explain otherwise. Answer the questions that you know trainees will have but may be afraid to ask.

When crafting your core message, also consider what viewers should take away when they watch. What is the core message note? Don’t overwhelm your audience, but provide them with key details that will make the first days and weeks on the job easier for them. Read our article on how to write a training video script for a more in depth look at this.

Step 3. Get Creative

The creative approach that you take will make a world of difference in whether your viewers watch or ignore. You need trainees to watch and learn, so getting creative in your message communication is vital here. Consider concepts that bring the core message to life while providing an emotional connection to the trainee.

You may use lighthearted jokes or simple metaphors to help trainees understand key concepts and remember details that are important to the overall message.

Step 4. Decide on a Video Production Company

Who will produce the videos that you use for corporate training? When choosing a production agency, consider the added benefits that come with filming outside the work environment. A good production company like Beverly Boy Productions can help you to define the message and creative vision that will attract your trainees and keep them engaged to the end so that not a single vital bit of information is missed.

Many organizations specialize in a particular industry or type of production. If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to ask the production company for samples of key training modules that they have helped with in the past to help you visualize what to expect from a finished project.

Step 5. Have Trainees Watch Your Videos

Getting your training videos watched offers a vital opportunity to hear valuable feedback on the script and overall concept of the message. Consider first emailing the videos to teammates, other members of the workforce, or sharing it on the workforce intranet to get opinions on the message.

This is when you want to determine whether the topics that you have filmed on are most important, provide the best data, and offer the greatest engagement. It is also when you should be prepared for editing and revision before you actually share the videos with new trainees.

Step 6. Measure Impact

How effective the training videos are will depend on a number of factors. You must determine how you will measure the impact of the videos that you share with trainees. Will you monitor trainee success? Questions from trainees? Number of productive days? Consider what method you will use to measure the success of the video, and then get started on quantifying the results.

We recommend that you invest in a training platform to host your training videos in one, easy to access location. This way you can also monitor key video metrics and other important details beyond the basics. If you have questions, or need additional details beyond these 6 tips on creating effective training videos, call Beverly Boy Productions for information.

Here’s a video produced by Beverly Boy Productions to give you an idea of what training videos should look like: