5 Benefits to Company Training Videos

5 Benefits to Company Training Videos 

Company training videos are all the rage lately. With changes in education delivery taking place amidst the post-COVID 19 era, it’s quite common to watch an instructional post on Youtube or to seek training online. Company training videos are shifting to a more available online option as well. In fact, there are many benefits to company training videos. Checkout these 5 profound benefits that your business will enjoy when you get started with company training videos. 

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1.Company Training Videos are Customizable 

Video can be produced in just about any style or format with any type of background or design elements you could imagine. Creating company training videos that are fully customized to your audience and your brand preferences can help you to deliver a core message with core values and corporate culture all involved. Whether you’re teaching basic training or complex safety topics, a fully customized company training video will hold your audience’s attention while delivering the content that matters most to your brand. 

2.Company Training Videos can be Scaled 

You cannot easily scale corporate training that takes place in person. Doing so would require extensive travel budget, huge meeting spaces, frequent payments to manage or training delivery professionals, and various other expenses. However, company training videos can be scaled for growth with minimal budget investment. In fact, video can be scaled for nearly zero cost. With a single training video, one employee or 100 employees can be trained for the same price. 

3.Company Training Videos are Affordable 

What would you spend on average to train a single new employee? Microsoft mentioned spending upwards of $300 per employee for training in person. However, when they switched to company training videos they were able to cut the per-employee total training cost down to under $20. They saved over 90% on their training budget by incorporate company training videos into their everyday routines. You can do the same! Give Beverly Boy Productions a call to get started with low cost company training videos for your brand. 

4.Company Training Videos are Always Available, Always On 

How hard is it to coordinate training exercises? Pretty much a total pain right? Most brands have something negative to say about the amount of time and effort that must go into coordinating training 

initiatives. You need all employees together. At the same time. In the same place. You need management. You need the trainer — it’s a pain! 

But with company training videos, you have an always available, always on solution at your fingertips. Video can be accessed by employees from anywhere, anytime. There’s no need to coordinate training between employees when each employee is required to simply watch a video training series. This is a huge time saver for your brand. 

5.Company Training Videos are a form of Shareable Content 

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What happens after training when an employee or staff member has questions? Where can they turn? Do they have access to the information that was delivered in the in-person training so that they can find the answer to their questions? Probably not! 

But company training videos represent a form of shareable content that employees and staff can refer back to. Not only that, but certain forms of company training could be beneficial for other members of the business. Therefore, a sharable video is more valuable to your brand than a one-on-one educational experience that only certain team members have access to. 

Ready to create company training videos for your business? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call. 

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