Essential Brand Video Marketing Production Techniques Every Marketer Must Know

Mobile technology and a rise in the use of video to market brands means that competition in today’s world is more fierce than ever before. Social media platforms expect brands to incorporate video into their campaigns and consumers do too. Even Google has gone as far as to state that the use of video in campaigns improves ranking potential. That’s why these brand video marketing production techniques are absolutely vital to the success of your business online. 

With about 90% of businesses now using video to their advantage, and consumers watching an average of 100 minutes of video content online each day, brands large and small really cannot afford not to incorporate video into their marketing campaigns. But just because video has taken over, does not mean that it’s any easier to produce! 

Most brands choose to hire professional brand video marketing production crews, or they opt to spend a lot of money to keep in-house film crews employed and ready to produce content for them on-call. Either way, the best branded video marketing is the result of professional brand video marketing production crews like Team Beverly Boy.

Why Hire a Professional Production Crew?

Why is it important to work with a professional when you could create videos with a smartphone? The reality is, video competition is incredibly fierce and only the best will win the audience over! Sure, videos can easily be produced with a smartphone, but not to the quality level that consumers now expect to see from their favorite brands.

Hiring a professional brand video marketing production crew means you get top quality footage, expert techniques, and consistent video value for your brand. This simply isn’t feasible if you’re trying to do it all yourself. The amount of time and effort that goes into producing branded video content is simply too much for most business owners to handle. You need help!

Video Production Techniques for a Winning Project

There are just certain brand video marketing production techniques that a professional crew brings to the table which a mediocre crew, freelancer, or someone with limited experience in-house can bring. Some of the techniques have to do with equipment, which isn’t cheap! Others have to do with experience. But the bulk of the matter is just the fact that a professional crew has more creative autonomy than any other individual possibly could. Just consider the following brand video marketing production techniques that only a professional can bring to the table.

Beverly Boy camera crew

An Understanding & Emphasis on Lighting

We’re not just talking about throwing a ring light into the mix. We’re talking about the use of light to create aesthetically pleasing footage that only a professional filmmaker with years of experience can fully understand. We’re talking about the use of high-end lighting equipment that includes a variety of options and can be altered for the project itself. We’re talking about using experience to cast just the right amount of light to strike an emotion that only a professional can do!

An Ear for Sound 

Not just the sound of the room, but the ability to recognize the good from the bad. The ability to approach a video with the right level of audio engineering to capture every important sound that occurs and to incorporate in Foley sound as needed to maximize the outcome. This is more than a lapel mic can do. It’s about utilizing sound to the benefit of the video production crew to maximize the outcome and quality of the production.

Aesthetically Pleasing Shots

If you don’t know what the rule of thirds is, or what composition means, you’re already lightyears behind the professionals. Composition is an important element of any professional production and, when it comes to brand video marketing production techniques, it’s one of the first things that a professional film crew is going to consider – where do you stand?

There is so much that goes into producing an aesthetically pleasing shot. It involves the use of an array of potential concepts that make viewing more valuable to the audience. It’s about making use of the most appropriate aspect ratio, visualizing the on-screen real estate, and appropriately outlining the grid so that the audience is engaged and entertained for the duration of the video. Not just any freelancer or filmmaker can do this.

Beverly Boy Productions is Your Film Crew

These, and many other brand video marketing production techniques are important to the success of your project. Hiring a professional is certainly a big task, and we understand that it’s natural to consider dealing with your projects in-house or with the help of a freelancer. However, when it comes to producing branded video content that is going to exceed your audience’s expectations, there are essential steps that you should take to ensure you give your audience only the best. 

The essential brand video marketing production techniques discussed here, as well as many others, are important to the success of any branded video project. At Beverly Boy Productions, we take this, and many other details into consideration when we produce videos for our clients. To learn more about our experience and the steps we’ll take to ensure the success of your brand, give us a call!

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