5 Winning Brand Launch Video Ideas to Get Your Business Started Successfully

5 Winning Brand Launch Video Ideas to Get Your Business Started Successfully

Launching a new brand is something that many entrepreneurs engage in rather frequently over their careers, but that doesn’t make the process any easier.  Anytime a new business kicks-off, it should do so with a winning strategy and plans for success. Brand launch videos provide entrepreneurs an opportunity to share their personal feelings for the brand in a way that will make it shine and stand out to the audience.  These 5 brand launch video ideas will get your business started off right, all you have to do is choose one and roll with it!

At Beverly Boy Productions we specialize in producing a wide variety of videos for business owners and entrepreneurs like yourself.  With more than two decades of experience, we can’t wait to assist you with your brand launch!

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  1. Brand Reveal Style Launch

Everyone knows about this type of professional video in which the brand is revealed through a series of images and supporting narration in which the narrator answers common questions about the brand including:

  • What the brand is?
  • What the brand is for?
  • Who the brand is for?
  • Why you came up with the brand?
  • Why it’s great for the consumer?
  • Where the brand is used?

Ultimately, brand launch video ideas like this one are often utilized either as an initial approach to building awareness around a new brand or as a combined approach with other videos that further define the underlying elements of the brand.

  1. The Brand Story

Storytelling is often leveraged in video creation, especially when it comes to the production of brand reveal videos or brand launch videos.  If your brand has a unique, or a strong story behind it, you should be compelled to share that story with your audience. In fact, one of the best brand launch video ideas we can provide is to engage the simple art of storytelling to compel your audience to connect with your brand. 

A personal story that signifies the very real people and point behind your brand can make a world of difference in whether or not people feel connected to and wish to interact with your brand. Done right, a brand launch video that shares your brand’s story could evoke powerful personal emotions that are directly connected to your brand.

  1. Brand Explainer Videos


Explainer videos  make up a huge portion of the brand launch video ideas that we find to be most compelling, at least from a consumer standpoint. Explainer videos, or tutorial videos, help your target audience understand your brand and what it does. According to a recent study, 96% of viewers state that an explainer video helped them to understand the products or services behind a brand so that they could make a  purchase. 

Promoting a new brand requires a lot of focus and hard work, but explainer videos have the power to articulate the brand, explaining exactly how it works, who it’s for, and why it’s important to consumers.

  1. Behind-the-Scenes Brand Launch

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Of all the brand launch video ideas we’ve come up with for clients and as inspiration over the years, the behind-the-scenes brand launch video is by far one of the most authentic and intimate for the target audience. These videos are well-recognized by brand owners and they are often touted as being the go-to source for insight into how a brand operates. 

Behind-the-scenes brand launch videos showcase unique insight into the brand’s operations, what makes the brand what it is, and who’s behind the brand. These videos are a great opportunity to show viewers how you came up with your brand, who helped put the brand together, and what roadblocks you might have run into when developing the brand.

  1. Animated Brand Launch Videos

One of the most common brand launch video ideas to come up is the animated brand launch. These types of videos are frequently utilized as a means of helping brand owners pitch the underlying details of a brand in a unique, and funny way.  Animations provide visually complex insight into brand elements that might not otherwise be so easy to recognize for the audience.

Since most people are going to engage in brand launch videos without the sound on, it’s important to consider this carefully as you’re planning each of your brand launch videos. Brand launch video ideas like these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to determining exactly how you should introduce your brad to the world. Careful planning is key to ensuring your brand launch goes off without a hitch. 

To learn more, or for more brand launch video ideas, give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We can’t wait to put our more than two decades of experience to work for your brand. With experience in all phases of filmmaking, and a history of satisfied clients, our brand video production specialists can’t wait to deliver top quality content for your brand.

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